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How to connect to UWaterloo's new email system via any mail client

How to connect to UWaterloo's new email system via any mail client

By Raymond Li (Raymo111), December 7th, 2018

Created on July 1st, 2020 (Happy Canada Day!)
Credits to PixlOne for O365Interactive mode and headless Davmail

Step 1: Get Davmail.

  • I'm on Arch Linux, so I installed it from the AUR.

Step 2: Launch and configure Davmail.

  • Use O365Interactive for Protocol, and uncheck Local POP port, Caldav HTTP port, and Local LDAP port. Keep everything else as the default, and hit save.

Step 3: Setup your mail client.

  • I'm using Mailspring, which I believe is the best mail client I can get for free. [Not Sponsored]
  • Use manual config (IMAP/SMTP) to setup the account.
  • Use <your WatIAM username> as your username and your WatIAM password.
  • Use localhost as the server.
  • Use the ports set in Davmail (1143 for IMAP and 1025 for SMTP by default).
  • Set any authentication to None.
  • The first time you attempt to connect, you'll get a Davmail popup and the UWaterloo adfs page will open. Login with your credentials, and paste the link you reach at the end into the Davmail prompt.

Step 4: Run it as a headless service.

  • Success! Your mail should now work. Davmail basically acts as an interpreter between the O365/Exchange network and IMAP/SMTP. As such, it must be constantly running to receive/send mail. Go ahead and exit Davmail. Copy the properties from your home directory to /etc with:
sudo cp ~/ /etc/davmail/
  • Add a davmail user:
sudo useradd --system davmail
  • Finally, start and enable the service with:
sudo systemctl enable davmail@<your-linux-username> && sudo systemctl start davmail@<your-linux-username>

That's it! Note: Always test and verify via the webapp before relying on any setup!

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