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Dyno settings for CS '25


{user}, welcome to {server}! Please use `?iwillabidebyallserverrules yourname yourprogram` here to get started!

By doing so, you acknowledge that you have read this message in its entirety and agree to abide by all server rules. Note that you will be kicked out if you enter inappropriate info. This includes that `yourname` must be your *actual* firstname, or firstname and last initial.

Use `?ranks` to show all programs, and `?rules` to show all server rules.

If you are not in any of the listed programs, please choose `spy` :)

Custom commands


{user}, welcome to {server}!


{!setnick {user} $1}

{!rank $2+}

{!role {user} landing_role}

silent command, disable @everyone

allowed: @landing_role, #welcome

required arguments: 2


{user}, here are the Server Rules:

1) Follow designated channels (Bot commands go in {#bot-spam}, Random stuff in {#off-topic}, etc.)

2) No harassment/bullying/racism/etc. If what you say will cause somebody to deck you in real life, don't say it.

3) PG things only unless you're in {#nsfw}.

4) Don't be unironically annoying by spamming or trying to break things.

5) Your name must be your real first name or you will face trial in {#nickname-death-row}.

delete command, DM response, disable @everyone


{!warn $1 Not following the nomenclature rules. Provide your first name or first name and last initial to #nickname-death-row within 2 days, or you will be kicked out of the server. FINAL WARNING!}

disable @everyone

allowed: @admin @mod

required arguments: 1


landing_role, add, nodelay


good bot, Thanks! I try to be good. :100:, wildcard

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