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(deftype Deck52 [suits] :as this
(check-empty []
(Deck52. (apply hash-map
(apply concat (remove (-> nil?)
(for [[key val] suits]
(if (empty? val) nil [key val])))))))
(remove-card [suit card]
(assoc suits suit (remove #(= card %) (suit suits))))
(get-card [suit]
(let [suitd (suit suits)]
[(first suitd) (check-empty (Deck52. (assoc suits suit (rest suitd))))]))
(random-card []
(let [suitn (+ 1 (rand-int 4))]
(cond (= suitn 1) (get-card this :hearts)
(= suitn 2) (get-card this :diamonds)
(= suitn 3) (get-card this :clubs)
(= suitn 4) (get-card this :spades)))))
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