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Last active Apr 10, 2018
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linkedin connections visitor
// copypaste this script in console of page
// script to visit all connection pages on linkedin
// you may have to manually scroll the page to load all connection data
// or use the linkedin api
// nodes containing profile url in href attribute
// linkedin now uses ember.js
const linkNodeList = document.querySelectorAll(".mn-connection-card__link");
// first profile
var i = 0;
// last profile
const numberOfProfiles = linkNodeList.length;
// time to wait before opening a new tab
// makes it look more human
const intervalBetweenNewTabs = 4000;
// time to wait before closing the profile tab
// trust me, it will break your browser otherwise
const waitBeforeTabClose = 10000;
// double check connections
// TODO: automate scroll, on the connections page linkedin says
// how many connections a profile hasat the top corner
// scroll page, timeout, checknode length untill this number
// is the same
console.log(`We've got ${numberOfProfiles} to visit this session.`)
// timeloop
var loop = setInterval(() => {
const profile = linkNodeList[i];
const newTab =;
// console.log(`opening page: ${profile.href}`);
setTimeout(() => {
// print name of the vict- i mean connection
console.log(`visited: ${newTab.document.title}`)
}, waitBeforeTabClose)
i += 1;
if(i >= numberOfProfiles) {
// clear timeloop otherwise cats and puppies die
// console.groupEnd()
}, intervalBetweenNewTabs);
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