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iText XML Samples
<itext creationdate="@DateTime.Now.ToString()" producer="RazorPDF">
<paragraph style="font-family:Helvetica;font-size:18;font-weight:bold;font-style:italic;">
<chunk red="255" green="0" blue="0">@ViewBag.Title</chunk>
<table width="100%" cellpadding="1.0" cellspacing="1.0" widths="5;5">
<cell borderwidth="0.5" left="false" right="false" top="false" bottom="true">User Name</cell>
<cell borderwidth="0.5" left="false" right="false" top="false" bottom="true" horizontalalign="right">Lucky Number</cell>
<image url="@Context.Server.MapPath("~/Content/sample.png")"/>
<newline />
<list numbered="true" symbolindent="15" font="unknown">
<listitem leading="18.0" font="Times" size="12.0" align="Default" indentationleft="15.0">
<chunk font="Times" size="12.0">List item</chunk>
<anchor fontstyle="normal, underline" red="0" green="0" blue="255" reference="">
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catherine85 commented Dec 26, 2014

Hello , where I can find something else about these syntax.

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shahirm commented Jan 27, 2016

Hello, How can I put text over an image in Razor pdf?

My requirement is to just put some dynamic text at the center of an image at the center of the page , I tried everything but the text is always outside the image. Please help.

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sujaychak commented Feb 4, 2016

How to render Chinese text in PDF? text shall be fetched from Resource string.
any help please

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