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Weekly Update RGSoC #1

Rails Girls Summer of Code Project: diaspora*

What is Rails Girls Summer of Code ?

  • global fellowship program
  • aimed at bringing more diversity into Open Source
  • applicants are paid a monthly stipend
  • from July-September
  • work on Open Source projects of their choice.
  • unlike the Google Summer of Code you don't need to be enrolled in a University

The focus is not on producing highly sophisticated code, but rather participants learning transferable skills from their project work.


Privacy, Freedom and Decentralisation

diaspora* is a privacy-aware, decentralized social network which puts users in control of their data security

  • 2010 the project was funded as a Kickstarter collecting over $200,000
  • 2012 the project was given to the community

####more infos:

Our Plan

  • show geo-location on osm #5813
  • use chuncking to upload photos #4997
  • create new role: moderator #5324
  • better export/import with focus on tumblr #5397

Our Project Plan on Github

The story so far..

What we are doing right now

understanding Frontend Architecture of diaspora*

How can you contribute to diaspora*

Development Setup


  • IRC
  • #diaspora on - general discussion and help for folks installing Diaspora
  • #diaspora-dev on - discussion of the source code and help for new developer contributors
  • #diaspora-de on - discussion in German.
  • Loomio
  • GitHub
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