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What is left todo for the monorepo release

TODO Monorepo

⚠️ Needs to be fixed before further testing ⚠️


  • Greenkeeper can find all package.json files in a repository.
  • The combined package information from all package.json files is stored in a repository document in the Greenkeeper database.
  • By default there will be one pull request per dependency (affecting multiple package.json files).
  • package.json files can be grouped by the user to receive a pull request per dependency per group.
  • No additional config is needed to run Greenkeeper in “single package.json mode”.


  • „find“ config file and add contents to repoDoc
  • getConfig gets config from greenkeeper.json
  • create default config file in initial branch/PR
  • validate config file
  • already has greenkeeper.json that is invalid and greenkeeper gets installed.
  • trigger issue when a defined path (for package.json, lockfiles) is not found
  • send Issue about invalid config file
  • diff greenkeeper.json changes
  • Initial PR contains information on how to customise the greenkeeper.json file
  • validation: package paths with - in them are seen as invalid! thats uncool:
  • validation: we are currently not allowing group names with -, why not? Should we?

subgroup initial branch

  • disable group if initial subgroup PR was not merged ?? Is that even necessary since we do individual commits within a PR anyway. But! Needs to be deleted if they merge an update PR in the mean time

change comes in from GitHub

  • trigger sub-initial branch for groups if necessary
  • delete branches & close PRs for groups
  • new greenkeeper.json is added -> create subgroup initial branches for all groups
  • new greenkeeper.json is added -> inform the user that we have noticed and will handle their monorepo from now on
  • package.json is removed -> remove it from greenkeeper.json. (on next PR)
  • greenkeeper.json is deleted -> only delete branches if the group did not just contain the root package.json

dependency update comes in from npm

  • registry-change can trigger version update branches for groups


  • adapt repository document for monorepos
  • auto discover relevant files (package.json, lock files, config)
  • push: greenkeeper config was deleted but only contained the root package.json . is logged with every push
  • create (group) version branch: fix checking for lockfiles!
  • push: if has invalid config and other things, it will only return the invalid-config-job and not do the other stuff (L.66)

group version branch

  • group level ignore of dependencies
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