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Illustrating a question on how to initialize state in redux
// How do I initialize state when I do *NOT* want to use hard-coded values?
// in MyComponent.js ...
const mapStateToProps = (state, ownProps) => {
return {
usernames: state.MyComponent.usernames,
selectedDesserts: state.MyComponent.selectedDesserts || ownProps.availableDesserts
// in MyComponent.ducks.js ...
const initialState = {
usernames: [],
selectedDesserts: null
// Then the reducer gets a bit tricky because it has to deal with
// possibility of `selectedDesserts` being either `null` or an
// array that needs to be updated.
// So this feels less than ideal, but how do we initialize `selectedDesserts`
// to be "every available dessert" when we don't know the list of available
// desserts ahead of time?
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