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const transActionsForMike = [ {Name: "Bike", Cost: 5000},
{Name: "Apple Music", Cost: 20},
{Name: "Cook Book", Cost: 30},
{Name: "Azure Hosting", Cost: 60},
{Name: "Phone Bill", Cost: 70}];
// As seen in Reduce and Map, we can add more elements into the
// anonymous functions such as the index and the whole array
// filter gives us each element in the array. We then have to return
// "true" to keep it in, or "false" to get rid of it.
// In the case below we are keeping the element in the new array we are returning
// if it's cost property is less than 100 or more than 20
let MikesSmallTransactions = transActionsForMike.filter((ele) => {
return ele.Cost < 100 && ele.Cost > 20;
// MikesSmallTransactions is now: [ { Name: 'Cook Book', Cost: 30 },
// { Name: 'Azure Hosting', Cost: 60 },
// { Name: 'Phone Bill', Cost: 70 } ]
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