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Last active Feb 9, 2022
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List maintained by Redo. If something is wrong DM me on Twitter

Update: As of Feb 9 2022, This skin does not work AT ALL. Don't think there is anything that can be done.


The installation process is a bit different with this skin

If you're a tablet player AND you're a drag player, you will have to doubletap the first note when you're playing EVERYTIME you lift your pen.

This doesn't apply if you play with mouse or you're hovering.

Redo and Eternum are not responsible if you get restricted or hurt yourself while using this skin.

More about the "restricted" part. This skin makes the bg white by expanding the inputoverlay-key asset to cover the entire screen. Then you use the script to remap your tapping keys to your mouse keys. If you won't do that then the screen will start to flicker yellow when you tap.


Do not use this skin if you have epilepsy!

Step 1: Download the skin

-『EternuMonochromia』- [G-Major Edition] <-- Click to DL


Step 2: Install AutoHotkey

Step 3: Download This AutoHotkey Script

Step 4: Right Click the Script and replace the "z" and "x" with the keys you use to tap (needs to be lowercase)

Step 5: Open the game. Go to settings. Enable: "Always show key overlay"; "Ignore all beatmap skins"; "Always use skin cursor"; and "Use combo colour as tint for slider ball"

Step 6: Click F10 until it says "Mouse buttons are enabled".

Step 7: Now go back to the script. Right Click it and select "Run Script"

The AutoHotkey Icon should pop up in your windows tray.

Step 8: Close AutoHotkey when you stop playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you did everything correctly you're good to go!

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