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View xxhash64_specialized.cpp
// Derived from:
// Specialized version of XXH64 for 64-bit inputs
constexpr uint64_t XXH_PRIME64_1 = 0x9E3779B185EBCA87ULL;
constexpr uint64_t XXH_PRIME64_2 = 0xC2B2AE3D27D4EB4FULL;
constexpr uint64_t XXH_PRIME64_3 = 0x165667B19E3779F9ULL;
constexpr uint64_t XXH_PRIME64_4 = 0x85EBCA77C2B2AE63ULL;
constexpr uint64_t XXH_PRIME64_5 = 0x27D4EB2F165667C5ULL;
inline uint64_t XXH64_round(uint64_t acc, uint64_t input)
View remove-nuisance-context-menu-items.reg
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
; Visual Studio context menu items
; Share with Skype
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Blocked]
Reedbeta / bash-and-cmd-in-context-menu-wt.reg
Last active August 29, 2021 23:20
Windows registry edit to add Bash and Command Prompt items to Explorer context menu - version using Windows Terminal
View bash-and-cmd-in-context-menu-wt.reg
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
; Get rid of existing Windows Terminal context menu item
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Blocked]
Reedbeta /
Last active April 26, 2022 13:28
Nested lists markdown
  • Item 1

  • Item 2

  • Item 3
    second line

    • Item 3a
    • Item 3b
    • Item 3c

    Item 3 continue

Reedbeta / gamuts.svg
Created December 19, 2020 19:44
Common RGB gamuts on CIE chromaticity diagram
View gamuts.svg
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View itertokens.h
#pragma once
// String tokenizing iterator
// by Nathan Reed, 2020-08-06. Licensed CC0
// Use it like:
// for (auto token : IterTokens(" Bird \t\tFish Dog Cat "))
// {
// // token is a std::string_view pointing into the original string
Reedbeta /
Created June 27, 2020 16:55
Generate code into a source file using python
# Load the source file
sourcePath = r'c:\path\to\my\file.cpp'
sourceText =, encoding='utf-8').read()
# Find the generated section
startMarker = (
* Generated data tables - do not edit by hand!
* To regenerate, run
Reedbeta /
Created June 6, 2020 22:54
Letter to Seattle City Council members

Dear Council Members,

Like so many Seattle residents, I was appalled and disgusted by George Floyd’s murder at the hands of Minneapolis police officers on May 25, and I have been further appalled and disgusted by the Seattle Police Department’s treatment of those protesting for racial justice in the days since. The SPD has repeatedly responded to peaceful protests with violence, escalating and attacking without provocation, using chemical weapons that would be banned in warfare against unarmed and peaceful Seattleites — and then attempting to cover up, deny, and evade responsibility for their conduct. And why has the SPD done this? Because citizens have dared to hold them and other police departments across the country accountable for their ongoing and deeply ingrained racism, brutality, and callous disregard for Black lives and humanity.

As a white person, I was brought up to believe the police were there to help — and that they were obviously necessary to “fight crime” and keep our cities safe. Immigrants

View nrr_ill.h
#pragma once
// Intrusive Linked List (or Internal Linked List, etc)
// by Nathan Reed, 2020-01-18. Licensed CC0
// Use it like:
// class MyClass
// {
// ...
Reedbeta / interesting-libs.txt
Last active July 4, 2023 02:38
Interesting libraries I might like to use in a project
View interesting-libs.txt
Interesting libraries I might like to use in a project...
Asset loading:
assetsys.h - virtual filesystem with ZIP backing, overlaying, etc
cute_filewatch.h - file modification watching, for runtime reloading etc
flatbuffers - data serialization, zero-copy deserialization, extensible schemas
stb_image -
tinyexr -
tinygltf -
tinyobjloader -