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How to solve the Main2 challenge.
>>> import Main2 as M2
>>> M2.declaredMethods
array(java.lang.reflect.Method, [public static void Main2.main(java.lang.String[]), private static boolean Main2.login(java.lang.String,java.lang.String), private static void Main2.fetch_users()])
>>> M2.declaredMethods[-1]
private static void Main2.fetch_users()
>>> fu = M2.declaredMethods[-1]
>>> fu.accessible = True
>>> fu.invoke(M2)
>>> M2.declaredFields
array(java.lang.reflect.Field, [private static java.lang.String Main2.username, private static java.lang.String Main2.password])
>>> for x in M2.declaredFields:
... x.accessible = True
... print x.get(M2)
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