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How to get IP Ranges for Heroku

Ip Ranges

Sometimes it's useful to know what IP ranges our servers are operating in. Since we run on Heroku, it's a little complicated. However, Heroku runs on AWS, which has this page dedicated to IP Ranges by Region.

Heroku recommends using this to identify which region are bing in use. If dynos are run in common spaces in US region, we can look up information about this region using Heroku's API:

using httpie:

 http "Accept:application/vnd.heroku+json; version=3"


   "country": "United States",
   "created_at": "2012-11-21T20:44:16Z",
   "description": "United States",
   "id": "59accabd-516d-4f0e-83e6-6e3757701145",
   "locale": "Virginia",
   "name": "us",
   "private_capable": false,
   "provider": {
       "name": "amazon-web-services",
       "region": "us-east-1"
   "updated_at": "2016-08-09T22:03:28Z"

Then using AWS link mentioned above we can pull JSON file with IP ranges by region and by service (it has also been added it to this repo as ip-ranges.json). After we get the file, we can use jq to find ranges for the given region and service. Here is a query that would pull ranges for us-east-1 and EC2 service:

jq '.prefixes[] | select(.region=="us-east-1" and .service=="EC2") | .ip_prefix' < ip-ranges.json

And the results

# us-east-1 EC2 IP ranges as of Jan 21, 2020
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