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Disable 'Automatically detect settings' in Internet Explorer's proxy settings dialog.
# Disable 'Automatically detect proxy settings' in Internet Explorer.
function Disable-AutomaticallyDetectProxySettings
# Read connection settings from Internet Explorer.
$regKeyPath = "HKCU:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Connections\"
$conSet = $(Get-ItemProperty $regKeyPath).DefaultConnectionSettings
# Index into DefaultConnectionSettings where the relevant flag resides.
$flagIndex = 8
# Bit inside the relevant flag which indicates whether or not to enable automatically detect proxy settings.
$autoProxyFlag = 8
if ($($conSet[$flagIndex] -band $autoProxyFlag) -eq $autoProxyFlag)
# 'Automatically detect proxy settings' was enabled, adding one disables it.
Write-Host "Disabling 'Automatically detect proxy settings'."
$mask = -bnot $autoProxyFlag
$conSet[$flagIndex] = $conSet[$flagIndex] -band $mask
Set-ItemProperty -Path $regKeyPath -Name DefaultConnectionSettings -Value $conSet
$conSet = $(Get-ItemProperty $regKeyPath).DefaultConnectionSettings
if ($($conSet[$flagIndex] -band $autoProxyFlag) -ne $autoProxyFlag)
Write-Host "'Automatically detect proxy settings' is disabled."
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