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using System;
using System.Threading;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection;
using Orleans.Runtime;
namespace Orleans.Hosting
public static class ShutdownTaskSiloBuilderExtensions
public static ISiloBuilder AddShutdownTask(
this ISiloBuilder builder,
Func<IServiceProvider, CancellationToken, Task> shutdownTask,
int stage = ServiceLifecycleStage.Active)
builder.ConfigureServices(services =>
services.AddTransient<ILifecycleParticipant<ISiloLifecycle>>(sp =>
new ShutdownTask(
return builder;
/// <inheritdoc />
private class ShutdownTask : ILifecycleParticipant<ISiloLifecycle>
private readonly IServiceProvider serviceProvider;
private readonly Func<IServiceProvider, CancellationToken, Task> func;
private readonly int stage;
public ShutdownTask(
IServiceProvider serviceProvider,
Func<IServiceProvider, CancellationToken, Task> func,
int stage)
this.serviceProvider = serviceProvider;
this.func = func;
this.stage = stage;
/// <inheritdoc />
public void Participate(ISiloLifecycle lifecycle)
stage: this.stage,
onStart: cancellation => Task.CompletedTask,
onStop: cancellation => this.func(this.serviceProvider, cancellation));
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