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Last active Dec 30, 2022
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Use Apple's Vision framework from Python to detect text in images
""" Use Apple's Vision Framework via PyObjC to detect text in images """
import pathlib
import Quartz
import Vision
from Cocoa import NSURL
from Foundation import NSDictionary
# needed to capture system-level stderr
from wurlitzer import pipes
def image_to_text(img_path, lang="eng"):
input_url = NSURL.fileURLWithPath_(img_path)
with pipes() as (out, err):
# capture stdout and stderr from system calls
# otherwise, Quartz.CIImage.imageWithContentsOfURL_
# prints to stderr something like:
# 2020-09-20 20:55:25.538 python[73042:5650492] Creating client/daemon connection: B8FE995E-3F27-47F4-9FA8-559C615FD774
# 2020-09-20 20:55:25.652 python[73042:5650492] Got the query meta data reply for:, response: 0
input_image = Quartz.CIImage.imageWithContentsOfURL_(input_url)
vision_options = NSDictionary.dictionaryWithDictionary_({})
vision_handler = Vision.VNImageRequestHandler.alloc().initWithCIImage_options_(
input_image, vision_options
results = []
handler = make_request_handler(results)
vision_request = Vision.VNRecognizeTextRequest.alloc().initWithCompletionHandler_(handler)
error = vision_handler.performRequests_error_([vision_request], None)
return results
def make_request_handler(results):
""" results: list to store results """
if not isinstance(results, list):
raise ValueError("results must be a list")
def handler(request, error):
if error:
print(f"Error! {error}")
observations = request.results()
for text_observation in observations:
recognized_text = text_observation.topCandidates_(1)[0]
results.append([recognized_text.string(), recognized_text.confidence()])
return handler
def main():
import sys
import pathlib
img_path = pathlib.Path(sys.argv[1])
if not img_path.is_file():
sys.exit("Invalid image path")
img_path = str(img_path.resolve())
results = image_to_text(img_path)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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Hello, thanks for this code. Is there a way to catch the bounding boxes ?

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@okpatil4u It's possible, but I've not written the python code. Take a look here to see the sample code on getting the bounding rectacngle.

Also, for a more robust implementation of this example, see here

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Thanks @RhetTbull !
I will check.

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