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Automatic snapshots using Vultr API (Python3)

Thanks to Automated Snapshots / Backups via Vultr API And this is Python3 version script used to Automatic snapshots using Vultr API

A more customizable alternative to Vultr's backup feature using Vultr API v1. Tested on Ubuntu 16.04. Run this python3 script on Anywhere to create a snapshot of VPS (which you know IP or it's subid) and rotate out the oldest snapshot(s). Use the BACKUP_TAG_PREFIX prefix field to uniquely id a set of snapshots.

Notice: You can only create 11 snapshots by default.

  1. Set API_KEY to your Vultr API key.
  2. Set MAX_NUM_OF_BACKUPS to specify how many snapshots to keep.
  3. Test it and then add to your cron tab.
  4. Epic winning at life.

For example, add the crob jobs below in order to create 3 daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots. The oldest snapshots will be automatically rotated out.

0 0 * * * /usr/bin/python3 /home/user/scripts/
import re
import time
import datetime
import requests
# ------------- User setting START -------------- #
# your vultr api_key
API_KEY = ""
# The server's ip or subid which
MAIN_IP = ""
SUBID = None
BACKUP_TAG_PREFIX = "auto_backup"
# ------------- User setting END -------------- #
# Get base info
api_endpoint = ""
day = time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d", time.localtime())
# simple wrapper to access vultr api
def vultr(method = "GET",action = "" , data = None):
return requests.request(method,"{}{}".format(api_endpoint,action),headers = {"API-Key" : API_KEY}, data=data)
server_list = vultr("GET","server/list").json()
# Find subid if not set.
if SUBID == None:
for server_subid,server_info in server_list.items():
if server_info.get("main_ip", None) == MAIN_IP:
SUBID = server_subid
if SUBID == None:
raise Exception("Fail to find subid for IP: {}".format(MAIN_IP))
snapshot_list_raw = vultr("GET","snapshot/list").json()
# Resort the raw snapshot list dict to list obj
snapshot_list = [v for k,v in snapshot_list_raw.items()]
# Get auto-backup snapshot list
backup_snapshot_list = list(filter(lambda"{}-{}".format(BACKUP_TAG_PREFIX,SUBID),x["description"]),snapshot_list))
# Remove old auto-backup-snapshot
if len(backup_snapshot_list) >= MAX_NUM_OF_BACKUPS:
to_remove_snapshot_list = sorted(backup_snapshot_list,
key = lambda k:datetime.datetime.strptime(k["date_created"],"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")
for s in to_remove_snapshot_list:
vultr("POST","snapshot/destroy",{"SNAPSHOTID": s["SNAPSHOTID"]})
# create New auto-backup-snapshot
vultr("POST","snapshot/create",{"SUBID": SUBID,"description": "{}-{}-{}".format(BACKUP_TAG_PREFIX,SUBID,day)})
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