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DevOps/Cloud Engineer Challenge

DevOps/Cloud Engineer Challenge

  • Read this answer to my question.
  • Create a Packer Template that defines a builder of type amazon-ebs
    • Based it on a source_ami_filter that selects the most_recent image of CentOS Linux 7*
    • Add a provisioner that updates all the installed packages so that you have a Centos AMI that has the latest everything at startup
    • Add any other commands to the provisioner that is needed to fix the issue "sudo commands in cloud-init are SLOW"
  • Create a Terraform Config that defines 2 resources of type aws_instance
    • One should use your new AMI. One instance should use the original CentOS 7 AMI by owner aws-marketplace
    • Include (the same in each) user_data that performs several sudo -Hu centos <cmd> and times them in a way you can retrieve for comparison
    • Use terrafrom apply to prove that the issue is present in the original AMI and fixed in yours
  • Create a gist with the Packer Template, Terraform Config, and a that includes:
    • Instructions on how to use it
    • A transcript (Abridged) that exhibits the proof
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