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RichardBronosky / approve_pr
Created Sep 26, 2019
This is a WIP. Use at your own risk.
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echo -e "\n""${FUNCNAME[1]} <github_pull_url> <oauth_token>""\n"
return 1
local IFS=$'\n'
RichardBronosky /
Last active Oct 24, 2019
DevOps/Cloud Engineer Challenge

DevOps/Cloud Engineer Challenge

  • Read this answer to my question.
  • Create a [Packer Template] that defines a builder of type amazon-ebs
    • Based it on a source_ami_filter that selects the most_recent image of CentOS Linux 7*
    • Add a provisioner that updates all the installed packages so that you have a Centos AMI that has the latest everything at startup
    • Add any other commands to the provisioner that is needed to fix the issue "sudo commands in cloud-init are SLOW"
  • Create a [Terraform Config] that defines 2 resources of type aws_instance
    • One should use your new AMI. One instance should use the original CentOS 7 AMI by owner aws-marketplace
    • Include (the same in each) user_data that performs several sudo -Hu centos <cmd> and times them in a way you can retrieve for comparison
RichardBronosky /
Created Sep 20, 2019
How to get started using Bumpversion. [a great tool to simplify git tagging with semantic versioning]

DevOps/CloudOps Engineer


The DevOps/CloudOps Engineer is primarily responsible for ensuring that cloud based Infrastructure is designed and deployed in a secure manner. These responsibilities include delivering solutions that satisfy functional and user requirements; developing, maintaining and troubleshooting cloud based services and network security systems; preventing misuse and malicious behavior; outlining constraints and restrictions within security policy; scripting and documenting processes.

This engineering group at Rooms To Go uses "serverless" infrastructure where possible. Their primary responsibility is architecting, implementing, maintaining, and monitoring AWS services. Where possible we use (pay for) existing services instead of re-solving "solved problems".


RichardBronosky /
Last active Nov 13, 2019
Aliases for Terragrunt/Terraform to simplify using Terraform modules separately from terraform.tfvars


  1. Add aliases file to ~/.terraform.d
mkdir -p ~/.terraform.d

## Either: (a) Use a snapshot/copy of the current aliases
curl -sLo ~/.terraform.d/aliases
RichardBronosky /
Created Aug 5, 2019
Send EC2 launch notification to Slack webhook complete with connection command
# This functionality uses
# Replace the 3 hashes in the next line with those from your webhook
slack(){ curl -d 'payload={"text": "'"$@"'"}'; }
msg_string='Instance \\"hack\\" came online. To connect:\n`%s`\nor:\n`%s`\n'
key="$(curl -s | awk -F '=' 'NR=1{print $2}')"
user="$(id -nu 1000)"
con_string="ssh -i ~/.ssh/$key.pem $user@%s"
private_host="$(hostname -f)"
public_host="$(curl -s"
RichardBronosky /
Last active Jun 11, 2019
A oneliner for testing redirects
# The following line defines a bash function and is designed to be copy-pasta-ed into your terminal and used as shown on the last line of this file. I'm only putting it in a script to get it on gist
redir_test(){ curl -svLo /tmp/redir_test.out "$@" 2>&1 | grep -E '^(> Host|> GET|< HTTP|< location|[<>]\s*$)'; }
# BONUS: One super-useful use of this is to test your readiness to respond to future DNS changes. That can be done like so:
# redir_test -H 'Host:'
# This assumes that your server at is set up to serve and this simulates what `curl` would do if DNS returned when doing a lookup on
redir_test "$@"
RichardBronosky / aws
Last active May 23, 2019
A pattern for syncing a dir to AWS S3 using using only Docker
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#!/bin/bash -eu
args=" -e \"AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=us-east-1\" ${DOCKER_ARGS:-} "
if [[ -n ${!v:-} ]]; then
args=" -e ${v}=${!v} ${args}"

TMUX cheat sheet

Standard Bindings

Ctrl+b, Ctrl+[ Enter copy mode Ctrl+b, Ctrl+] Paste buffer

Modified Bindings


RichardBronosky /
Last active Aug 23, 2019
Visual Studio code - VSCode Cheat Sheet - Keyboard Shortcuts

VSCode Cheat Sheet

Keyboard Shortcuts

Jump to closing bracket


Though I suggest changing it as follows:

editor.action.jumpToBracket Ctrl+]

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