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evu /
Created January 10, 2019 14:53
role_name=`curl -s`
creds=`curl -s$role_name`
current_region=`curl -s | jq -c -r .region`
export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=`printf "%s" "$creds" | jq -r .AccessKeyId`
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=`printf "%s" "$creds" | jq -r .SecretAccessKey`
export AWS_SESSION_TOKEN=`printf "%s" "$creds" | jq -r .Token`
export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=$current_region
RichardBronosky / Nutrichef Sous Vide Cooker Instructions.txt
Last active January 20, 2024 23:57
Simple instructions for the inexpensive sous vide with the terrible interface that everyone hates. I've owned it for over 2 years and I still have to open this every time I use it!
Plug in cooker.
Cooker powers on momentarily and is unusable.
Fill water to MAX port.
Touch POWER button for 5 seconds.
Cooker powers on and is usable.
Touch POWER and SET.
SET TEMP field flashes.
Units toggle between °C & °F.
Turn wheel.
Field value changes.
caraboides /
Last active August 2, 2023 06:11
Simple script to backup MongoDB to S3, without waste diskspace for temp files. And a way to restore from the latest snapshot.
set -e
S3BACKUP=$S3PATH`date +"%Y%m%d_%H%M%S"`.dump.gz
/usr/bin/aws s3 mb $S3PATH
artyom / chat.go
Created March 12, 2016 22:06
Example of interactive terminal in Go
package main
import (
e7d /
Last active May 11, 2024 13:46
Bash "try catch"
export AnException=100
export AnotherException=101
# start with a try
( # open a subshell !!!
echo "do something"
[ someErrorCondition ] && throw $AnException
joyrexus /
Last active January 21, 2024 21:51 — forked from btoone/
curl tutorial

An introduction to curl using GitHub's API.


Makes a basic GET request to the specifed URI


Includes HTTP-Header information in the output

P7h /
Last active May 8, 2024 17:00
tmux vs screen commands

tmux vs. screen commands

Action tmux screen
start a new session tmux
tmux new
tmux new-session
start a new session with a name tmux new -s name screen -S name
re-attach a detached session tmux attach
tmux attach-session
screen -r
re-attach a detached session with a name tmux attach -t name
tmux a -t name
screen -r name
re-attach an attached session (detaching it from elsewhere) tmux attach -dtmux attach-session -d screen -dr
kennwhite /
Last active January 16, 2024 15:47
OpenSSL command line recipe for multi-public key file encryption. Any single private key paired to one of the public keys can decrypt the file.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Example of multiple key AES encryption for text files using the openssl v. 0.9.8+ command line utility
# Uses n public certs as key for MIME PKCS envelope, any individual private key can decrypt.
# If standard RSA ssh keys exist, these can be converted to public certs as well (and ssh keys can decrypt)
# To sign (and verify) the encrypted file, one of the private keys is required, see:
# for openssl smime examples
# or for cms utility (OpenSSL v. 1.0+)
antichris /
Created October 21, 2013 14:55
Fork your own Gist

Fork your own Gist

This is a bookmarklet that adds a fully functional Fork button to your own Gist.

If a Fork button is already present in the page, this bookmarklet will set focus to it instead of adding another one.

The change is temporary and the button will disappear as soon as you navigate away from that Gist (clicking the Fork button does this for you as well).

datagrok /
Last active April 21, 2023 07:33
How to easily launch a temporary one-off git server from any local repository, to enable a peer-to-peer git workflow.