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Visit the YouTube API documentation discussed above and find the subscription list endpoint documentation. List 1 required parameter and 2 optional parameters for this endpoint. For each parameter listed, state the data type and give an example of the allowed values.
data type: string
ex: snippet
optional #1
data type: unsigned integer
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1. Write an analogy to describe the relationship between clients and servers.
The client and server relationship is similar to ordering food when you’re at a restaurant.
You have a feeling for what kind of food you would like, but you don’t know its exact name.
So first you look through the menu to find the name (address) of the item you would like.
Then you place the order for the food you would like.
The waiter brings you the food. However he doesn’t bring the entire order at first.
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Question 1.
A variable scope determines when variables can be assessed at different parts of the code. A variable in the global scope can be accessed anywhere in the code. On the other hand a variable in a block scope can only be accessed in the function it was defined in.
Question 2.
A global variable can lead to unexpected outcomes due to different parts of the code trying to use the same variable name. For example if a global variable was named xyz, but then a function creates another variable named xyz without using let, or const it can lead to many hard to fix bugs.
Question 3.
Strict mode prevent people from defining variables without using let or const. This stops people from creating global variables within their functions.
Question 4.
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