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View capstone 2 feed back
Users found the capstone interesting
The app was used as intended, however one ser found an unintentional bug in the program
Yes, when you put a space in the searh bar, and hit enter it still works
Yes, the app was very easy for users to understand
Without any css style in the app, many users noted the app looked to plain/ugly
I had to explain some things, because user weren't sure where to go without any css
Users noted it was a very useful application
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User flow
Start page
User sees a description which tells the purpose of my app
One the same page users hits the begin button to start the application
Application page
At this point the user will see a variety of options that he or she can choose form
For example he will be able to find information on entrepreneurs based on this such as race, gender and more
Event successful - if the user selects/enters all the required information he be taken to the results page
View my choice for my capstone
I will be using the census bureau api Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs. I will show how successful or unsuccessful some entreoreneurs are based on factors such as race, sex, and gender.
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Assignment 1-2
Assignment 3
View Assignment 1
Visit the YouTube API documentation discussed above and find the subscription list endpoint documentation. List 1 required parameter and 2 optional parameters for this endpoint. For each parameter listed, state the data type and give an example of the allowed values.
data type: string
ex: snippet
optional #1
data type: unsigned integer
View Analogy
1. Write an analogy to describe the relationship between clients and servers.
The client and server relationship is similar to ordering food when you’re at a restaurant.
You have a feeling for what kind of food you would like, but you don’t know its exact name.
So first you look through the menu to find the name (address) of the item you would like.
Then you place the order for the food you would like.
The waiter brings you the food. However he doesn’t bring the entire order at first.
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