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Import-Module AssistDeploy -Force
$svr = "Server=.\hh;Integrated Security=True"
$ssisdb = Connect-SsisdbSql -sqlConnectionString $svr
$projectName = "Daily ETL"
$environmentname = "everestPublic"
$foldername = "WWI"
$desc = "This is a sql-server-sample project"
Write-Host "Beginning to extract variables" -ForegroundColor Yellow -BackgroundColor DarkCyan
$myJsonObject = Get-SsisAsJson -sqlConnection $ssisdb -ssisEnvironment $environmentname -ssisFolder $foldername -ssisProject $projectName -ssisEnvironmentDescription $desc
Write-Host "Complete." -ForegroundColor Yellow -BackgroundColor DarkCyan
$myJsonObject | out-file "C:\Users\SQLTraining\Documents\bob.json"
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