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The document can be found here

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@RickCarlino Are there any plans of exposing all of farmbot's functionality through one single API? Right now it seems to me that I would have difficulties to e.g. write a sequence executing a farmware that measures soil moisture once a day in different spots and writes the values and the locations to a database. I could trigger the pin reading through the sequence builder or celery script, but then don't know how to obtain that value.

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phrohdoh commented Aug 3, 2017

👍 to @creimers' comment.

A high-level, all-encompassing API would allow customizations and integrations to flourish.

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Raising an issue is a more appropriate place for requests like these. Issues are more visible and are the expected location for feature and help requests. The forum is an option for less technical requests, (i.e. using or suggesting a frontend feature).

You can write a sequence to measure soil moisture in different spots and schedule it to run in a farm event, all from the frontend. Saving soil moisture data to the database is a planned feature mentioned in the documentation.

By nature, this project has multiple parts and therefore requires multiple APIs. This page is for the backend API, which is the high-level API. Celery Script documentation is available on the FarmBotJS Celery Script wiki page. Farmware development documentation is also available. Other lower-level APIs are available for other parts of the project, which can be found in the relevant repositories (such as the Arduino firmware).

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