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MailMate EagleFiler Bundle 2019

The current MailMate EagleFiler archive script works with the top-most open library, but we'd like it to work with a specific library.

add Bash Shell Script

  • Add line 10, env var to specify path to the .eflibrary file.
  • Add on line 14, an arg 3, using that var.

EagleFilerImport.scpt v2

  • Add a third _argv on line 3.
  • Add line 9 to open a POSIX path pointing at the library we want to open.

To Do

  • Store the posix path within MailMate. How? Maybe defaults write?
mkdir -p "$TMPDIR/com.freron.MailMate.EagleFiler"
cat > "${tmpfile}"
posixlibfile="/path/to/My Mail Archive.eflibrary"
osascript "${MM_BUNDLE_SUPPORT}/bin/EagleFilerImport.scpt" "${tmpfile}" "${url}" "${posixlibfile}"
# unlink "${tmpfile}" # Handled by EagleFiler
on run _argv
-- Use separate handler to avoid creating implicit properties that would modify the script file when run.
my importToEagleFiler(item 1 of _argv, item 2 of _argv, item 3 of _argv)
end run
on importToEagleFiler(_emlPath, _sourceURL, _libPath)
tell application "EagleFiler"
open POSIX file "_libPath"
-- If lots of imports are queued, this may take a while. EagleFiler would finish the import,
-- but the script would report a timeout error, anyway. So make the script wait longer.
with timeout of 10 * 60 seconds
import files {_emlPath} source URL _sourceURL with deleting afterwards
end timeout
end tell
on error _errorMessage number _errorNumber
tell application "System Events" -- Why not MailMate?
display alert "EagleFiler: " & _errorNumber message _errorMessage
end tell
end try
end importToEagleFiler
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