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#include <msp430.h>
#include <stdint.h>
void spewSPI(const uint8_t n) {
static const uint8_t *spiStrTBL[] = {
uint8_t indx; // 0-255 so we get mov.b
if ( n > sizeof(spiStrTBL) / sizeof(spiStrTBL[0]) ) {
return; // ignore out of bounds request
for ( indx = 0; spiStrTBL[n][indx] != 0; ++indx ) {
UCA0TXBUF = spiStrTBL[n][indx];
void callIt() {
spewSPI(0); // send parm1
spewSPI(1); // send parm2
.file "tblexample.c"
.arch msp430g2553
.cpu 430
.mpy none
.p2align 1,0
.global spewSPI
.type spewSPI,@function
* Function `spewSPI'
cmp.b #5, r15
jhs .L1
mov.b r15, r15
rla r15
mov spiStrTBL.1369(r15), r13
mov.b #0, r14
jmp .L3
mov.b r15, &__UCA0TXBUF
add.b #1, r14
mov.b r14, r15
add r13, r15
mov.b @r15, r15
cmp.b #0, r15
jne .L4
.size spewSPI,.Lfe1-spewSPI
;; End of function
.p2align 1,0
.global callIt
.type callIt,@function
* Function `callIt'
mov.b #0, r15
call #spewSPI
mov.b #1, r15
call #spewSPI
.size callIt,.Lfe2-callIt
;; End of function
.string "parm1"
.string "parm2"
.string "..."
.string "parm99"
.p2align 1,0
.type spiStrTBL.1369,@object
.size spiStrTBL.1369,8
.word .LC0
.word .LC1
.word .LC2
.word .LC3
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