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Rinat Mullayanov RinatMullayanov

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Grid Layout Concepts and Terminology Grid container — это набор пересекающихся горизонтальных и вертикальных grid линий, которые делят пространство grid контейнера на grid области, в которые могут быть помещены grid элементы. Внутри grid контейнера есть два набора grid линий: один определяет ось столбцов, другой определяет ось строк.

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Block Bindings

The current best practice for block bindings is to use const by default and only use let when you know a variable’s value needs to change. This ensures a basic level of immutability in code that can help prevent certain types of errors.

RinatMullayanov / Dockerfile
Last active Nov 16, 2020
Ubuntu Node.js Dockerfile
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# Ubuntu Node.js Dockerfile
# Pull base image.
FROM ubuntu:14.04
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(function () {
'use strict';
let user = {};
let proxy = new Proxy(user, {
get(target, prop) {
console.log(`Чтение ${prop}`);
return target[prop];
View map-sample.js
(function () {
'use strict';
let map = new Map();
map.set('1', 'str1'); // key: string
map.set(1, 'num1'); // key: number
map.set(true, 'bool1'); // key: bool
// in ordinary objects that would be the same,
View es2015-iterator-sample.js
(function () {
'use strict';
let range = {
from: 1,
to: 5
// make object range iterable
range[Symbol.iterator] = function() {
View socket_io_sample.js
// send to current request socket client
socket.emit('message', "this is a test");
// sending to all clients, include sender
io.sockets.emit('message', "this is a test");
// sending to all clients except sender
socket.broadcast.emit('message', "this is a test");
// sending to all clients in 'game' room(channel) except sender
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# on OS X file must be named .bash_profile
# real clear screen, not just add new line
alias cls="printf '\e]50;ClearScrollback\a'"
View electron-reliable-css-path.html
var link = document.createElement('link')
link.setAttribute('rel', 'stylesheet')
link.setAttribute('href', require('path').join(__dirname, 'css', 'app.css'))
View aggregate.js
> for(var i = 0; i < 100000; i++ ) {
db.sample.insert({"value": Math.random(1000) + 1, "date": new Date() });
> db.sample.findOne()
"_id" : ObjectId("5560cd3bf32e638da3683b38"),
"value" : 1.3218692857772112,
"tag" : "pressure"