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Last active Aug 21, 2021
Google Summer of Code 2021 Final Report

My Google Summer of Code project with CNCF was to improve the usability of cert-manager on multiple cloud providers. This gist contains a description of what work was done, what code got merged, what code didn't get merged, and what's left to do.

As part of this project, we aimed to test cert-manager on multiple cloud providers so that we could capture any current/future problems which arise when using cert-manager with these cloud providers. The project was divided into three sections which have been explained below.

Creating The Infrastructure

The first phase was creating the actual infrastructure where we would run our tests. We decided to go with AWS first and created the infrastructure using Terraform. We chose the infrastructure as code approach since it is more maintainable and easily used in CI jobs (more on that later). The infrastructure was created in a separate repository:


Say in kubernetes/kubernetes, you need to see how we drag in

python ~/bin/ -p >
dot -Tsvg -o filename.svg

if you are not interested in the version numbers

python ~/bin/ -p --skip >
dot -Tsvg -o filename.svg