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Roald87 / hardlinkPousToTestProject.bat
Created Apr 18, 2020
Batch script to make hardlinks from a TwinCAT plc project to a Unit test project.
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@echo off
title Make hard links from project to test project
echo This script will make hard links of the project files in the POUs folder to the test project folder.
echo Before running this script make sure you already created the neccesarry folder structure in your Plc or TwinCAT project.
for %%i in (.\path\to\project\POUs\*.TcPOU) do (
mklink /H .\path\to\testproject\POUs\%%~nxi %%i
Roald87 / shadow
Created Jul 7, 2019
Bash alias which puts a white border plus a shadow around an image using ImageMagick
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shadow() {
mogrify -trim "$1"
mogrify -border 10 -bordercolor white "$1"
convert "$1" \( +clone -background black -shadow 40x8+0+0 \) +swap -background white -layers merge +repage "$1"