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Created July 28, 2014 08:46
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System clipboard support in IdeaVim
nnoremap yy "+yy
vnoremap y "+y
nnoremap p "+p
vnoremap p "+p
nnoremap P "+P
vnoremap P "+P
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I add these two lines:
nnoremap dd "+dd
vnoremap d "+d

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kkot commented Mar 22, 2019

$ cat ~/.ideavimrc

set clipboard+=unnamed

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floer32 commented Mar 2, 2021

I was fiddling with these settings and noticed a difference between the way above, and the set clipboard+=unnamed way. The latter will make it so all yank operations yank to system clipboard, including x/X. For me, that's undesirable, because I don't want single characters copied to the system keyboard one at a time (as with x, without a selection). But doing the remaps for p/y/d and related, were exactly what I was looking for.

Both ways are valid, just depends on what you're after

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