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Unbounce Community :: Tips & Scripts :: Carousel With A Box Widget
Do not remove this section. It helps our team track useage of external workarounds.
// jQuery 2.2.4 requierd
// CDN link here -
$(function() {
// Add a box to the page and nest the elements inside (can include boxes with grouped content)
// The first element that is nested in the containing box will be what shows on page load
// Add ID of box containing elements.
var container = $("#lp-pom-box-15");
// Add the amount of time before the element switches. EX: 2000 = 2 seconds
var time = 2000;
// code to select and centre elements
'top': '50%',
'left': '50%',
'transform': 'translate(-50%, -50%)'
var allEls = container.children().not(":eq(0)");
var notFirst = allEls.not(":eq(0)");
notFirst.css('display', 'none');
// Function to cycle through the elements in the containing box and show/hide them
function ShowEls(el, delay) {
.done(function() {
var putBack = el.splice(0, 1);
if (el.length >= 1) {
ShowEls(el, delay);
ShowEls(allEls, time);
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cherie-hearts commented Jun 20, 2018

I Have 3 box ID number.
Here I can paste only 1 ID, how to add other 2 IDs?

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SteniTK commented Feb 3, 2021

I Have 3 box ID number.
Here I can paste only 1 ID, how to add other 2 IDs?

A bit late - in case it helps anyone else - Following this video
You should have 1 box (Frame) over all 3 boxes (slides). So you have one box ID

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