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Markdown template file for Guided Practice assignments




Learning objectives

Basic objectives: Each student is responsible for gaining proficiency with each of these tasks prior to engaging in class discussions, through the use of the learning resources (below) and through the working of exercises (also below).

  • Basic1

Advanced objectives: The following objectives are the subject of class discussion and further work; they should be mastered by each student during and following class discussions.

  • Adv1

Learning resources

To gain proficiency in the learning objectives, use the following resources. You may include other resources if you wish, in addition to or in replacement of the following.

Textbook: In Active Calculus, read Section num. Make sure to read actively, working through examples and activities as you go.

Video: Watch the following videos at the MTH 201 YouTube playlist (

  • Video1


The following exercises are to be done during and following your reading and viewing of the resources. Work these out on paper and then enter the responses into the appropriate submission form (see Submission Instructions) by the deadline. You will receive a mark of Pass if each item response shows a good-faith effort to be right and is submitted prior to the deadline.

  1. Ex1

Submission instructions

Submit your responses using the form at this link: link

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