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Sage code for creating an interactive element for determining chromatic number of famous graphs.
from sage.graphs.graph_coloring import *
def _(graph=['Cycle Graph', 'Wheel Graph', 'Complete Graph', 'Cube Graph', 'Random'],
n = selector([1..10], nrows = 1), p = selector([10,20,..,100], nrows = 1)):
print graph
if graph == 'Wheel Graph':
print "n = %s (number of vertices)"%n
G = graphs.WheelGraph(n)
elif graph == 'Cycle Graph':
print "n = %s (number of vertices)"%n
G = graphs.CycleGraph(n)
elif graph == 'Complete Graph':
print "n = %s (number of vertices)"%n
G = graphs.CompleteGraph(n)
elif graph == 'Cube Graph':
if n > 8:
print "n reduced to 8"
n = 8
print "n = %s (dimension)"%n
G = graphs.CubeGraph(n)
elif graph == 'Random':
print "n = %s (number of vertices)"%n
print "p = %s%% (edge probability)"%p
G = graphs.RandomGNP(n, p/100.0)
print "Chromatic number = " + str(G.chromatic_number())
colors = vertex_coloring(G)
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