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Course Level Objectives for MTH 225 (Discrete Structure for Computer Science 1)

  1. Compute basic numerical and symbolic expressions involving numbers in different bases, modular arithmetic, sets, functions, and symbolic logic.
  2. Solve complex counting problems using computational thinking and the tools of combinatorics.
  3. Formulate computational problems in terms of sets, functions, logic, and combinatorics.
  4. Write clear, correct, and convincing arguments to explain the correctness of a solution using combinatorial proof and mathematical induction.
  5. Apply effective problem-solving skills in solving computational problems.
  6. Explain methods and solutions of computational problems in a clear way to a specified target audience.
  7. Demonstrate fluency in applying computer programming in the formulation and solutions of mathematical problems.
  8. Assess one's own work in mathematical problem solving and apply feedback to make improvements to one's own work
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