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Install Sublime Text 3 on Linux via POSIX shell script -
# Sublime Text 3 install with Package Control (last update: 25 August 2016)
# No need to download this script, just run it on your terminal:
# $ curl -L | sh
# When you need to update Sublime Text, run this script again.
# Detect the architecture
if [ "$(uname -m)" = "x86_64" ]; then
# Fetch the latest build version number (thanks daveol)
BUILD=$(echo $(curl | sed -rn "s#.*The latest build is ([0-9]+)..*#\1#p")
# Download the tarball, unpack and install
curl -o $HOME/st3.tar.bz2 $URL
if tar -xf $HOME/st3.tar.bz2 --directory=$HOME; then
# Remove the installation folder and the symlink, they might already exist
sudo rm -rf $INSTALLATION_DIR /bin/subl
sudo mv $HOME/sublime_text_3 $INSTALLATION_DIR
sudo ln -s $INSTALLATION_DIR/sublime_text /bin/subl
rm $HOME/st3.tar.bz2
# Package Control - The Sublime Text Package Manager:
curl -o $HOME/Package\ Control.sublime-package
sudo mv $HOME/Package\ Control.sublime-package "$INSTALLATION_DIR/Installed Packages/"
# Add to applications list (thanks 4ndrej)
sudo ln -s $INSTALLATION_DIR/sublime_text.desktop /usr/share/applications/sublime_text.desktop
# Set the icon (thanks gcaracuel)
sudo sed -i.bak 's/Icon=sublime-text/Icon=\/opt\/sublime_text\/Icon\/128x128\/sublime-text.png/g' /usr/share/applications/sublime_text.desktop
echo '
Sublime Text 3 installed successfully!
Run with: subl
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