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#CSV file is in this format:
#CUST1,Services for June 2020,1,100,UPSUSD
#CUST2,Services for May 2020,2,200,UPSUSD
#CUST3,Services for April 2020,3,300,UPSUSD
$WebSession = New-Object Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WebRequestSession
Login-Acumatica -WebSession $WebSession
$InvoicePayementsToCreate = Import-Csv -Path C:\PathToTheCSVFile\PaymentBlog.csv
foreach($InvPayToCreate in $InvoicePayementsToCreate)
$isReadyForPaymentCreation = -not (Check-Invoice -WebSession $WebSession -CustomerNbr $InvPayToCreate.CustomerNbr -DocDesc $Description)
$body = @"
`"Customer`": {`"value`": `"$CustomerNbr`"},
`"Description`": {`"value`": `"$Description`"},
`"Details`": [{`"InventoryID`": {`"value`": `"$InventoryID`"},
`"Qty`": {`"value`": $Qty},
`"UnitPrice`": {`"value`": $UnitPrice},
`"UOM`": {`"value`": `"$UOM`"}}]
$InvoiceAsPSObject = Create-Invoice -WebSession $WebSession -Body $body -release
$PaymentAsPSObject = Pay-Invoice -WebSession $WebSession -ReferenceNbr $InvoiceAsPSObject.ReferenceNbr.Value
Logout-Acumatica -WebSession $WebSession
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