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denial is a river in egypt

Robin RobinBoers

denial is a river in egypt
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dianoetic /
Last active July 14, 2023 01:32
A GitHub Action for sending webmentions after your site builds

Send Webmentions with GitHub Actions

Action that uses curl to send your webmentions. It gets the most recent addition to a JSON feed (ideally, your latest post), looks for the value of a key called uri (ideally, your post's permalink) and sends webmentions for it.

The services currently in the file are and, but any service that can be triggered with a POST request will work fine with this.

This workflow file is run once another GitHub Action named "Build" completes successfully.


rosswintle / build.php
Last active July 8, 2024 18:10
A VERY simple PHP static HTML generator that does a single-level extend, and includes with variable passing and that's about it.
* Input: files matching src/pages/*.html
* Output: public/*.html
* Pages can extend a template by calling:
* extend(string $relativeTemplatePath, array $variables)
* at the start and:
OleksiyRudenko /
Last active July 19, 2024 10:53
Why should text files end with a newline?

Why should text files end with a newline?


  • UNIX standard
  • If the last line in a file doesn't end with a newline then addition of next line affects two lines instead of one. This also pollutes diff on multiple files, so reader may wonder what has changed in a line whereas no significant change has occured.

Multiple newlines at the file end are also redundant as well as spaces at the end of line.

heroheman /
Last active July 19, 2024 17:56
Ranger Cheatsheet

Ranger Cheatsheet


Shortcut Description
ranger Start Ranger
Q Quit Ranger
R Reload current directory
? Ranger Manpages / Shortcuts
rlipscombe / exwx.exs
Created November 26, 2017 16:08
Using wxWidgets from Elixir
#!/usr/bin/env elixir
defmodule Canvas do
@behaviour :wx_object
@title "Canvas Example"
@size {600, 600}
def start_link() do
:wx_object.start_link(__MODULE__, [], [])
umayr /
Created April 1, 2016 11:41
How to recover a deleted branch
## Pre-requisite: You have to know your last commit message from your deleted branch.
git reflog
# Search for message in the list
# a901eda HEAD@{18}: commit: <last commit message>
# Now you have two options, either checkout revision or HEAD
git checkout a901eda
# Or
git checkout HEAD@{18}
johnlane /
Last active July 14, 2024 09:01
Example GTK to create a dock-like bar and strut
#!/usr/bin/env python2
# Example program places a coloured bar across the top of the
# current monitor
# demonstrates
# (a) creating the bar as an undecorated "dock" window
codingjester / upload.php
Created January 20, 2012 22:09
Working PHP example of uploading a photo with V2 api
#Requires PHP 5.3.0
define("CONSUMER_KEY", "consumer_key");
define("CONSUMER_SECRET", "consumer_secret");
define("OAUTH_TOKEN", "access_token");
define("OAUTH_SECRET", "access_secret");
function oauth_gen($method, $url, $iparams, &$headers) {