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Last active October 23, 2022 02:35
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Improved Stealth Addresses

This is a scheme for stealth addresses which requires less computational overhead for the recipient. It builds upon previous ideas. It reduces the overhead for scans from O( #TXs ) to O( #users ).


  • All senders register on their first send a public key in a public directory.
  • Recipients perform a DH key exchange with each sender key in the directory to derive all their potential receive addresses.
    • Sender key: A = aG
    • Recipient key: B = bG
    • Shared secret: s = abG
    • Recipient stealth address: B' = B + sG

Complexity Analysis

This scheme requires per recipient

  • Group operations to derive all their stealth addresses: O(#senders)
  • Space to store the addresses: O(#senders)
  • Lookup time per output when checking each output in a block: O(1) when using a hashmap. Further it's possible to batch all lookups required to scan a block.


  • Recuring payments: After sender and recipient have established a shared secret once for their first transaction they can derive more keys from that first secret.
  • It is not required that the spending wallet is compatible with this scheme. Senders can use a separate tool to register and manage a key to derive addresses for recipients.
  • A simple directory results from OP_RETURN outputs for sender key registration. Alternatively, keys could be registered in taproot outputs.
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