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Just say something like this:
"Hi I'm <name> and I'm one of McCain's constituents in <city>.
My zip code is <zipcode>.
I urge McCain to vote against Sessions as Attorney General.
Thank you for your time."
Here's the number for McCain: 602-952-2410
Here's the number for Flake: 602-840-1891
document.querySelector(".puzzle-solution").innerHTML.trim() === "YOURSOLNTOCHECK"
RoboTeddy /
Last active August 29, 2015 14:03
Bacon.js keyboard
Bacon = require 'Bacon'
_ = require 'underscore'
$ = require 'jquery'
# Reference:
# IE = IE keycodes (webkit, IE)
# MZ = Mozilla keycodes (gecko)
# Opera = Opera keycodes (opera)
# US locale specific. About as well as can be done without browser detection.
import collections
import datrie
import itertools
import math
import random
import string
Spot = collections.namedtuple('Spot', ['x', 'y'])
import random
n = 100
sets = [set([person_id]) for person_id in range(0, n)]
person_id_indicated_by_light = None
for day in range(0, 1000000):
set = sets[random.randint(0, n-1)]