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GreatRockOfEvil Rocksarecool

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Rocksarecool / gist:f8e5553ad8e1bc96e7782e5404caa9d7
Last active Mar 29, 2017
Vpn suspicion,questions,and opinion
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When i was browsing on the internet to find a free vpn (Yes i'm poor) I saw this thread that talked about
Not to download vpn so i read it just matter of a fact i have some questions
First:If vpn's are loggers then what can protect us on the internet.
Second:How can we acess websites like go90 or other websites
So these are the 2 questions now my opinion of vpns
Now lets start with the free ones
Its very hard to find a real free vpn that allows you to acess anything without mb running out
And thats annoying.Like this is what made me hate on vpn
They beg you so hard to buy there product.
Also not just that they also have no unlimited acess instead you have to keep on paying like bills