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Replace string in files
# finds all files in app folder with .rb extension
# for each file
# capitalizes every "cr" strings preceded by a non-letter and followed by a capital letter
find app -name '*.rb' -exec sed -i '' -- "s/\([^a-zA-Z]\)[Cc][Rr]\([A-Z]\)/\1CR\2/g" {} +
# rename PGIntegrationError -> CRProviderError
find app -name '*.rb' -exec sed -i '' -- "s/PGIntegrationError\CRProviderError/g" {} +
find app spec config lib -name '*.rb' -exec sed -i '' -- "s/pg_integration_error\?\cr_provider_error\?/g" {} +
find . -name '*.rb' -exec sed -i -- "s/CrLoginStatus/CRProviderSubmission/g" {} +
find . -name '*.rb' -exec sed -i -- "s/cr_provider_submissiones/cr_provider_submissions/g" {} +
find . -name '*.rb' -exec sed -i -- "s/CRProviderSubmissioes/CRProviderSubmissions/g" {} +
find . -name '*.rb' -exec sed -i -- "s/cr_login_status/cr_provider_submission/g" {} +
# finds all files in app folder starting with cr followed by a capital character
grep -rn "\b[Cc][Rr]\([A-Z]\)" app
grep -rn "\b[\w]?PG[\w]?[Ee]rror" app
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