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Script for Google Forms. Uses "Other" field in checkbox and radio groups to add options from responses.
Script for Google Forms.
"Fixes" other... field in checkbox and radio groups.
Whenever form is submitted and "other" option is selected,
input goes to corresponding checkbox/radio group in form
as a new option, so next respondents don't have to put it
in manually.
To use copy-paste code to your forms project and assign
onSubmit function to project's "on form submit" trigger.
By default applies to all checkbox/radio groups in the
form, specify required IDs in applyOnlyTo if needed.
Normally it is in "data-item-id" field and numeric only.
E.g. data-item-id="193574675"
function onSubmit(event) {
var applyOnlyTo = []; // fill this in if you want descibed behaviour only for selected checkbox/radio groups;
var form = event.source;
var response= event.response;
var choosers;
if (applyOnlyTo.length > 0) {
choosers = {
return form.getItemById(id);
} else {
var checkboxes = form.getItems(FormApp.ItemType.CHECKBOX);
var radios = form.getItems(FormApp.ItemType.MULTIPLE_CHOICE);
choosers = checkboxes.concat(radios);
choosers.filter(function(c) {
var type = c.getType();
return (type == FormApp.ItemType.CHECKBOX) ? c.asCheckboxItem().hasOtherOption():
(type == FormApp.ItemType.MULTIPLE_CHOICE) ? c.asMultipleChoiceItem().hasOtherOption():
for (var i = 0; i < choosers.length; i++) {
var chooser = choosers[i];
chooser = (chooser.getType() == FormApp.ItemType.CHECKBOX) ? chooser.asCheckboxItem():
(chooser.getType() == FormApp.ItemType.MULTIPLE_CHOICE) ? chooser.asMultipleChoiceItem():
"Something went wrong. It is definitely Google's fault!";
var chooserResponse = response.getResponseForItem(choosers[i]);
if (chooserResponse == null) continue;
chooserResponse = chooserResponse.getResponse();
var otherField = (chooser.getType() == FormApp.ItemType.CHECKBOX)?
var choices = chooser.getChoices();
if (!mContains(choices, otherField)) {
var newChoice = chooser.createChoice(otherField);
function mContains(choices, item) {
for (var i = 0; i < choices.length; i++) {
if (choices[i].getValue() == item) {return true;}
return false;
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