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Created November 14, 2017 12:54
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mport org.apache.ignite.Ignite;
import org.apache.ignite.IgniteCache;
import org.apache.ignite.cache.CacheInterceptorAdapter;
import org.apache.ignite.cache.query.SqlQuery;
import org.apache.ignite.cluster.ClusterNode;
import org.apache.ignite.resources.IgniteInstanceResource;
import org.jetbrains.annotations.Nullable;
import javax.cache.Cache;
import static com.romeh.failover.demo.CacheNames.ICEP_JOBS;
public class NodesInterceptor extends CacheInterceptorAdapter<String, String> {
Ignite ignite;
private transient IgniteCache<String, Job> jobs;
private final String sql = "nodeId = ?";
private transient SqlQuery<String, Job> affinityKeyRequestSqlQuery;
public void onAfterPut(Cache.Entry<String, String> entry) {
// sample compute task that can be sensitive and it need to have fail over support
QueryTask task = new QueryTask();
// get partitioned jobs cache reference
jobs = ignite.cache(;
// get the current local node reference
ClusterNode clusterNode = ignite.cluster().localNode();
System.out.println("intercepting for Node failure and retry from node id : "+" to node id : "+entry.getValue());
// Create query to get pending jobs for that node id and submit them again
affinityKeyRequestSqlQuery= new SqlQuery<>(Job.class, sql);
jobs.query(affinityKeyRequestSqlQuery).forEach(affinityKeyJobEntry -> {
System.out.println("found a pending jobs for node id: "+entry.getValue() +" and job id: "+affinityKeyJobEntry.getKey());
// submit again the jobs for re-execution
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