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Plot multiple images with matplotlib in a single figure. Titles can be given optionally as second argument.
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
def show_images(images, cols = 1, titles = None):
"""Display a list of images in a single figure with matplotlib.
images: List of np.arrays compatible with plt.imshow.
cols (Default = 1): Number of columns in figure (number of rows is
set to np.ceil(n_images/float(cols))).
titles: List of titles corresponding to each image. Must have
the same length as titles.
assert((titles is None)or (len(images) == len(titles)))
n_images = len(images)
if titles is None: titles = ['Image (%d)' % i for i in range(1,n_images + 1)]
fig = plt.figure()
for n, (image, title) in enumerate(zip(images, titles)):
a = fig.add_subplot(cols, np.ceil(n_images/float(cols)), n + 1)
if image.ndim == 2:
fig.set_size_inches(np.array(fig.get_size_inches()) * n_images)
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