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Last active December 15, 2021 20:53
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L2 protocols

Trust protocols (not always auditable)

  • Full custody (Coinbase)
  • 2-of-3 arbitration / DLC
  • Threshold multisig (ecash, Liquid)
  • Off-chain peg-out tx (statechains)
  • Collateralized custody

Payment channels

  • Lightning Network
  • Pools/factories

"SPV" two-way peg protocols

On-chain token protocols

  • op_return / on-chain (Omni)
  • Off-chain validation (RGB)

Perpetual one-way peg

SNARK protocols

  • Full on-chain data (zk-sync)
  • Bit field data only (zendoo)

Trusted hardware

  • Single device (opendime)
  • Remote attestation (teechan)

Has potential (may not work)

  • Probabilistic payments
  • Plasma Cash

Other related topics

  • Merged-mining
  • Blind merged-mining
  • Stakechains
  • Proof of publication
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