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Last active July 30, 2022 18:03
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Timeline & Contributions of my LFX Journey

1 March 2022 - Attended the working examples group meeting and met the mentors of open-horizon

2-3 March 2022 - Started to study the open horizon architecture closely

4 March 2022 - Went through Youtube playlists shared by Glen during the meeting to get acquainted with open-horizon

5 March 2022 - Started to setup the example repo locally and execute the mgmt-hub command

6 March 2022 - First 1:1 meet with Troy

10 March 2022 - Setup the VM

13 March 2022 - Debugging errors while running the script

20 March 2022 - Second follow-up meet with Troy

22 March 2022 - Got the vault error in the script, documented it in the later part of this doc

1 April 2022 - Tried to run the script successfully using the login password and export variables shared by Joe.

2 April 2022 - Successfully executed the hello-world example edge service Hands on with the test push publish of the edge service

5 April 2022 - Meet with troy, discussed the issues to target and set deadlines accordingly

7 April 2022 - Pushed the web-hello-world-go service into the docker hub id But publish was failing

15 April 2022 - Made PR for the missing makefile targets and got it reviewed by Glen and Troy

20 April 2022- Meet with troy and set up the timelines for the PR

27 April - Made commits to the PR and done the changes still there were issues that needed to be resolved

2 May - Publish service wasnt up running and tried so many attempts to make it run

10 May - Realized the indentation issues in the makefile and corrected them

was a bit occupied from 12 may to 25 May with college end semester exams

26 May- Meet with Troy but he was on a vacation so couldnt get connected

1 June - PR got merged finally yayyy!! - Link

5 June - Meet with Troy, discussed about the Python web-helloworld issue and now I am on itt :D

10 June - Python PR done - Link

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