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Created March 8, 2018 22:50
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# This file contains the configuration
# You can find the documentation at
# For a list of all available actions, check out
# Uncomment the line if you want fastlane to automatically update itself
# update_fastlane
platform :ios do
desc "Push a new beta build to TestFlight"
lane :beta do
# Increment the build number (not the version number)
build_number = increment_build_number(xcodeproj: "Tempo.xcodeproj")
# Commit the version bump, skipping CI Build
commit_version_bump(xcodeproj: "Tempo.xcodeproj",
message:"[ci skip] Version Bump to #{build_number}")
# Push new build number
remote: "origin", # optional, default: "origin"
remote_branch: "develop", # optional, default is set to local_branch
tags: false # optional, default: true
cocoapods(clean: true, repo_update: true)
sync_code_signing(type: "appstore")
upload_to_testflight( demo_account_required: true, groups: "Tempo Testers",
distribute_external: true, changelog: "Here is what's new with Tempo:" )
slack(message: "Successfully distributed a new beta build")
desc "Automate Screenshots for iTunes Connect"
lane :screenshots do
cocoapods(repo_update: true)
capture_screenshots(skip_open_summary: true, erase_simulator: true)
frame_screenshots(white: true)
upload_to_app_store(force: true,
skip_binary_upload: true,
ignore_language_directory_validation: true,
skip_metadata: true,
overwrite_screenshots: true);
slack(message: "Successfully uploaded screenshots to iTunes Connect")
desc "Deploy release to iTunes Connect"
lane :release do
# Ensure that your git status is not dirty
# Increment Version Number
# Commit the version bump
commit_version_bump(xcodeproj: "Tempo.xcodeproj")
# Add a git tag for this build. This will automatically
# use an appropriate git tag name
# Push the new commit and tag back to your git remote
screenshots # generate new screenshots for the App Store
sync_code_signing(type: "appstore") # see code signing guide for more information
# Install Pods
cocoapods(clean: true, repo_update: true)
# Build App
build_app(scheme: "Tempo",
workspace: "Tempo.xcworkspace",
include_bitcode: true)
upload_to_app_store # upload your app to iTunes Connect
slack(message: "Successfully uploaded a new App Store build")
lane :test do
desc "Run Tempo Tests"
# Install Pods
cocoapods(clean: true, repo_update: true )
run_tests(workspace: "Tempo.xcworkspace",
devices: ["iPhone 6s"],
scheme: "Tempo",
slack_channel: "#general")
# Compute the code coverage
slather(cobertura_xml: true,
scheme: "Tempo",
simple_output: true,
travis_pro: true,
workspace: "Tempo.xcworkspace"
# Report Coverage to
codecov_reporter(token: "$CODECOV_TOKEN")
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