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A simple time tracker implemented in AutoHotkey, modified from
; ticker - A Simple Time Tracker
; track your time usage on a daily basis
Menu, Tray, Icon, %A_WinDir%\system32\shell32.dll, 44
Menu, Tray, Tip, ticker - A Simple Time Tracker`nPress right control to see details
SetWorkingDir, C:\Users\%A_UserName%\Documents
SetTimer, CheckTime, 60000 ; updates every 1 minute
FormatTime, thedate, , dd-MM-yyyy
IniRead, ResearchTime, track.txt, %thedate%, research, 0
IniRead, ProgrammingTime, track.txt, %thedate%, programming, 0
IniRead, SurfingTime, track.txt, %thedate%, surfing, 0
IniRead, WastedTime, track.txt, %thedate%, waste, 0
IniRead, IdleTime, track.txt, %thedate%, idle, 0
If (A_TimeIdlePhysical < 600000) ; 10 minutes
If (WinActive("ahk_class classFoxitReader") or WinActive("ahk_class AcrobatSDIWindow"))
Else If (WinActive("ahk_class Vim") or WinActive("ahk_class Notepad2U"))
Else If (WinActive("ahk_class MozillaWindowClass") or WinActive("ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1"))
TotalTime := ResearchTime + ProgrammingTime + SurfingTime + WastedTime + IdleTime
IniWrite, %ResearchTime%, track.txt, %thedate%, research
IniWrite, %ProgrammingTime%, track.txt, %thedate%, programming
IniWrite, %SurfingTime%, track.txt, %thedate%, surfing
IniWrite, %WastedTime% , track.txt, %thedate%, waste
IniWrite, %IdleTime% , track.txt, %thedate%, idle
IniWrite, %TotalTime% , track.txt, %thedate%, total
FormatMinutes(NumberOfMinutes) ; Convert mins to hh:mm
Time := 19990101 ; *Midnight* of an arbitrary date
Time += %NumberOfMinutes%, minutes
FormatTime, HHmm, %Time%, HH '小时' mm '分钟'
Return HHmm
Gui, Font, s10, Microsoft YaHei
Gui, Add, Text, w150 Left, % "科研:`t" FormatMinutes(ResearchTime)
. "`n编程:`t" FormatMinutes(ProgrammingTime)
. "`n上网:`t" FormatMinutes(SurfingTime)
. "`n浪费:`t" FormatMinutes(WastedTime)
. "`n空闲:`t" FormatMinutes(IdleTime)
. "`n总计:`t" FormatMinutes(TotalTime)
Gui, -SysMenu
FormatTime, thedate, , yyyy/MM/dd
Gui, Show, , Track Log - %thedate%
Keywait, Esc, D T5
Gui, Destroy

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@ooker777 ooker777 commented Sep 26, 2018

I modify this script to emphasize the most important thing: the actual productivity time. The differences are:

  • English display
  • Only categorize the activities as Focused and Non-Focused. In the script, I term it as Dispassionated Concentration, because you have to feel dispassionate (or detachment) about your mental monkey in order to stop the procrastination. It is a Buddhism perspective, and related to mindfulness.
  • The focused time is large and emboldened.
  • Activation switches to NumLock

Apparently today I have spent 4 hours to write this script but only 45 minutes to read textbook. I hope once it's done this chronic situation can be reversed.

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