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Native SKSE64 Papyrus Interface Implementation
#include "common/IDebugLog.h" // IDebugLog
#include "common/ITypes.h" // SInt32
#include "skse64_common/skse_version.h" // RUNTIME_VERSION
#include "skse64/GameTypes.h" // BSFixedString
#include "skse64/PapyrusNativeFunctions.h" // NativeFunction, StaticFunctionTag
#include "skse64/PapyrusVM.h" // VMClassRegistry
#include "skse64/PluginAPI.h" // SKSEPapyrusInterface, SKSEInterface, PluginInfo
#include <ShlObj.h> // CSIDL_MYDOCUMENTS
#include "version.h" // VERSION_VERSTRING, VERSION_MAJOR
static SKSEPapyrusInterface* g_papyrusInterface = 0;
BSFixedString HelloWorld(StaticFunctionTag*)
return BSFixedString("Hello world!");
SInt32 Sum(StaticFunctionTag*, SInt32 a_num1, SInt32 a_num2)
return a_num1 + a_num2;
bool RegisterFuncs(VMClassRegistry* a_registry)
a_registry->RegisterFunction(new NativeFunction0<StaticFunctionTag, BSFixedString>("HelloWorld", "MyClass", HelloWorld, a_registry));
a_registry->RegisterFunction(new NativeFunction2<StaticFunctionTag, SInt32, SInt32, SInt32>("Sum", "MyClass", Sum, a_registry));
return true;
extern "C" {
bool SKSEPlugin_Query(const SKSEInterface* a_skse, PluginInfo* a_info)
gLog.OpenRelative(CSIDL_MYDOCUMENTS, "\\My Games\\Skyrim Special Edition\\SKSE\\MyFirstPlugin.log");
a_info->infoVersion = PluginInfo::kInfoVersion;
a_info->name = "MyFirstPlugin";
a_info->version = MYFP_VERSION_MAJOR;
if (a_skse->isEditor) {
_FATALERROR("[FATAL ERROR] Loaded in editor, marking as incompatible!\n");
return false;
} else if (a_skse->runtimeVersion != RUNTIME_VERSION_1_5_73) {
_FATALERROR("[FATAL ERROR] Unsupported runtime version %08X!\n", a_skse->runtimeVersion);
return false;
return true;
bool SKSEPlugin_Load(const SKSEInterface* a_skse)
_MESSAGE("[MESSAGE] MyFirstPlugin loaded");
g_papyrusInterface = static_cast<SKSEPapyrusInterface*>(a_skse->QueryInterface(kInterface_Papyrus));
if (!g_papyrusInterface) {
return false;
} else if (!g_papyrusInterface->Register(RegisterFuncs)) {
return false;
return true;
ScriptName MyClass
String Function HelloWorld() Global Native
Int Function Sum(Int a_num1, Int a_num2) Global Native
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