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This is a list of GeForce games which have a future release date
appID releaseDate title developerName publisherName
1059220 2022-04-07 '83 Antimatter Games Toadman Interactive
422890 2021-10-22 22 Racing Series GOATi Entertainment GOATi Entertainment
2022-02-28 7 Days Salvation Volla Games Volla Games
2022-09-30 7abrynth Backstage Games 505 Games
1182900 2022-06-28 A Plague Tale: Requiem Asobo Studio Focus Home Interactive
2022-01-01 A-Train 10 Artdink Corporation DEGICA Co. Ltd.
2022-01-11 ADA (code name) Dontnod Entertainment Dontnod Entertainment
1368030 2021-10-15 ANNO: Mutationem Thinking Stars Lightning Games
2023-07-25 ARK 2 Studio Wildcard Studio Wildcard
2021-10-01 ActRaiser Remake Square Enix Co. Ltd. Square Enix Co. Ltd.
1234430 2023-03-16 Ad Infinitum Hekate Nacon
1089930 2021-10-21 Aeon Must Die Limestone Games Focus Home Interactive
2022-11-24 Aion 2 NCsoft Corp. NCsoft Corp.
2021-10-05 Alan Wake Remastered Remedy Entertainment Oy Epic Games
1449320 2021-12-16 Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo Pendulo Studios Microids
1223030 2021-12-05 Ami LightHouse Studio LightHouse Studio
2021-11-29 Another Way STF Games STF Games
2022-09-30 Anvil Relic Entertainment Inc. SEGA Europe Ltd.
1388870 2021-11-30 Arcade Paradise Nosebleed Interactive Wired Productions
2023-03-22 Ashes of the Singularity 2 Stardock Corporation Stardock Corporation
887690 2021-10-31 Ashland Explore X Studio War Flames
1492310 2021-11-04 Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All! Mr. Nutz Studio Microids
668580 2022-03-07 Atomic Heart Mundfish Mundfish
2022-12-07 Avowed Obsidian Entertainment Inc. Microsoft Game Studios
2022-03-01 Babylon's Fall PlatinumGames Inc. Square Enix Co. Ltd.
2022-02-08 Batman: Arkham Insurgency WB Montreal Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
2022-01-20 Batora - Lost Haven Stormind Games Team17 Digital Limited
2022-01-31 Battle Teams 2 Wizard Games Wizard Games
2022-06-30 BeBrave One Dream Studio Self published
1309620 2023-04-01 Bears in Space Broadside Games Broadside Games
2022-08-25 Black Mass Splash Damage Ltd. Splash Damage Ltd.
2023-05-30 Black Myth: Wu Kong Game Science Game Science
1567520 2021-12-01 Blackwind Drakkar Dev Blowfish Studios
2022-09-12 Block N Load II Toadman Intaractive Oslo / Artplant AS Toadman Interactive
1016950 2022-02-10 Blood Bowl 3 Cyanide Nacon
1144590 2023-02-01 BloodRunner Saber Interactive RU Focus Home Interactive
2022-01-01 Blue Protocol BANDAI NAMCO Online Inc. BANDAI NAMCO Online Inc.
1364020 2022-03-03 Boundary Surgical Scalpels Skystone Games
1178830 2021-11-12 Bright Memory: Infinite FYQD-Studio Playism
1403440 2022-02-03 Broken Roads Drop Bear Bytes Team17 Digital Limited
2024-02-14 Brothers in Arms Gearbox Software Gearbox Software
1148560 2021-10-14 Buccaneers! Skyward Digital Valkyrie Initiative
2021-10-04 Builders of Egypt Strategy Labs CreativeForge Games
855740 2021-10-01 Bum Simulator Ragged Games PlayWay S.A.
1692070 2022-06-23 CROWZ Royal Crow Thumbage
2022-02-14 Captain Kidd: Welcome to the Seas McFT McFatter NSS
918570 2021-11-18 Century: Age of Ashes Playwing LTD Playwing LTD
1229240 2022-02-10 Chained Echoes Matthias Linda Deck13 Interactive
2021-10-15 Chinese Paladin 7 SOFTSTAR Entertainment Cube Game
1153640 2021-12-03 Chorus Deep Silver Fishlabs Deep Silver
2021-12-01 Chrono Cross Remaster Square Enix Co. Ltd. Square Enix Co. Ltd.
2022-01-01 Chuji!Jiuyuandui TAG Studio TAG Studio
1515260 2022-02-17 Circle Empires Tactics Luminous Iceberg Interactive
2022-02-15 Cities Skylines 2 Colossal Order Paradox Interactive AB
1430680 2022-06-09 Clash: Artifacts of Chaos ACE Team Nacon
2021-12-10 Clid the Snail Weird Beluga Deep Silver
2022-04-06 Codename Coda Firaxis Games Inc. 2K
2022-11-08 Codename Legacy Monolith Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
2022-03-16 Codename Vault Hangar 13 2K
2023-01-02 Codename: Blacksky Arkane Studios-Austin Bethesda Softworks
1551160 2021-10-21 Combat Mission Cold War Battlefront Slitherine Ltd.
2022-09-23 Company of Heroes 3 Relic Entertainment Inc. SEGA Europe Ltd.
1061880 2021-12-13 Conan Chop Chop Funcom Oslo A/S Funcom Oslo A/S
2023-08-09 Corner Stone (Code Name) Techland sp. z o.o. Techland sp. z o.o.
848480 2021-12-31 Creeper World 4 Knuckle Cracker Knuckle Cracker
2022-11-17 Crimson Desert Pearl Abyss Pearl Abyss
2021-10-31 CrossFire HD RT DLC Remedy Entertainment Oy Tencent
2022-05-20 Crossfire: Legion Blackbird Interactive Prime Matter
2021-10-15 Crysis 2 Remastered Crytek GmbH Crytek GmbH
2021-10-15 Crysis 3 Remastered Crytek GmbH Crytek GmbH
2024-10-25 Crysis 4 Crytek GmbH Crytek GmbH
1175540 2022-11-15 Cyberless III: Online TeamCyberless TeamCyberless
1591690 2021-11-04 DEATHRUN TV Laser Dog Merge Games
2022-01-23 Dakar Rally Saber Interactive (portugal) Saber Interactive USA
2022-09-13 Darkborn The Outsiders The Outsiders
2022-03-01 Day: 41 Andrew Grbac Andrew Grbac
2022-02-25 Dead Island 2 Dambuster Studios Deep Silver
2022-03-01 Death Stranding Director's Cut Kojima Productions Co. Ltd. 505 Games
1200770 2021-11-25 Deathground Jaw Drop Games Jaw Drop Games
2022-09-30 Deliver Us To Mars KeokeN Interactive Frontier Foundry
2021-10-14 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – Hinokami Keppuutan Cyberconnect2 Co. Ltd. SEGA Games Co. Ltd.
2022-03-29 Descent (remake) Little Orbit Little Orbit
1227280 2021-11-29 Despot's Game Konfa Games tinyBuild
2022-04-07 Destroy All Humans 2 Remake Black Forest Games THQ Nordic GmbH
2022-06-13 Destroy All Humans 3 Black Forest Games THQ Nordic GmbH
2021-10-01 Devil’s Gambit Flying Wild Hog Jagex
2022-09-14 Diablo 4 Activision Blizzard Activision Blizzard
2022-06-01 Diablo 4 (Chinese Version) Activision Blizzard NetEase Games
2021-11-02 Diode Divergence Games Divergence Games
1287840 2021-10-21 Disciples: Liberation Frima studio Kalypso Media Group GmbH
1531540 2021-10-28 Distant Worlds 2 Code Force Slitherine Ltd.
2022-06-15 Dragon Age 4 BioWare Corp. Electronic Arts Inc.
2023-01-01 Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate Square Enix Co. Ltd. Square Enix Co. Ltd.
2023-01-01 Dragon's Dogma 2 CAPCOM Co. Ltd CAPCOM Co. Ltd
2023-03-23 Dune Funcom Oslo A/S Funcom Oslo A/S
2023-11-17 Dungeon & Fighter 2 Neople Nexon
1490830 2022-02-15 Dying 1983 NEKCOM ENTERTAINMENT 2P Games
2021-11-18 ELEX 2 Piranha Bytes THQ Nordic GmbH
2024-11-05 EM8ER Crixa Labs LLC Crixa Labs LLC
2022-01-01 Earth Defense Force 6 D3 Publisher Inc. D3 Publisher Inc.
2022-01-21 Elden Ring From Software Inc. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
652620 2021-10-15 ElectriX: Electro Mechanic Simulator Simfabric SA Simfabric SA
1063020 2022-03-03 Elemental War 2 Clockwork Origins Clockwork Origins
744200 2022-01-31 Elteria Adventures Heatherglade Game Studio Heatherglade Game Studio
1485590 2022-02-25 Endless Dungeon Amplitude Studios SEGA Europe Ltd.
2022-06-30 Endless Legend 2 Amplitude Studios SEGA Europe Ltd.
1312960 2021-11-11 Epic Chef Infinigon Games Team17 Digital Limited
2024-06-15 Everwild Rare Ltd. Microsoft Game Studios
2022-02-06 Evil Dead: The Game Saber Interactive RU Saber Interactive USA
1065310 2022-02-22 Evil West Flying Wild Hog Focus Home Interactive
773370 2022-02-01 Exo One Exbleative Future Friends Games
2022-02-13 Exomecha TwistedRed Games TwistedRed Games
2022-03-31 F-plus NetEase Games NetEase Games
1330470 2021-12-12 F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch Ti Games Bili Bili
2021-11-15 F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch benchmark TiGame Bili Bili
1506830 2021-10-01 FIFA 22 Electronic Arts Inc. Electronic Arts Inc.
2022-06-01 FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Square Enix Co. Ltd. Square Enix Co. Ltd.
2023-10-12 Fable 4 Playground Games Microsoft Game Studios
2022-01-31 Farlight 84 Lilith Lilith
737020 2021-12-03 Farm&Fix 2020 Simfabric SA Deep Silver
1248130 2021-11-22 Farming Simulator 22 GIANTS Software GmbH GIANTS Software GmbH
2022-04-01 Final Fantasy IX Remake Square Enix Co. Ltd. Square Enix Co. Ltd.
2022-03-01 Final Fantasy Origin KOEI TECMO GAMES CO.LTD Square Enix Co. Ltd.
2022-02-01 Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster Square Enix Co. Ltd. Square Enix Co. Ltd.
2023-03-01 Final Fantasy XVI Square Enix Co. Ltd. Square Enix Co. Ltd.
2022-04-13 Firaxis Unannounced Firaxis Games Inc. 2K
1362560 2021-10-15 Fire Commander Atomic Wolf Movie Games S.A.
2021-11-09 Firestorm New World Interactive New World Interactive
2022-09-21 Firmament Cyan Worlds Cyan Worlds
1407080 2021-11-10 Fisti-Fluffs Rogue Games Rogue Games
2021-11-18 Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Andrew Dayton Andrew Dayton
2021-11-05 Football Manager 2022 Sports Interactive SEGA Europe Ltd.
2022-11-11 Football Manager 2023 Sports Interactive SEGA Europe Ltd.
2023-11-10 Football Manager 2024 Sports Interactive SEGA Europe Ltd.
757550 2022-07-22 Football Story Fructus temporum Fructus temporum
2022-05-17 Foreigner Aurora 44 Aurora 44
1092870 2022-03-01 Forspoken Luminous Productions Square Enix Co. Ltd.
2021-11-09 Forza Horizon 5 Playground Games Microsoft Game Studios
2022-08-12 Forza Motorsport 8 Turn 10 Studios Microsoft Game Studios
1601580 2023-12-06 Frostpunk 2 11 Bit Studios s.a. 11 Bit Studios s.a.
1069840 2022-01-11 GRIT The Showdown The Showdown
1308360 2021-10-21 GUN JAM Jaw Drop Games Jaw Drop Games
2022-07-05 Gangstar Online Gameloft Gameloft
2022-11-10 Gears 6 The Coalition Microsoft Game Studios
2022-02-08 Ghost of Tsushima Sucker Punch Productions PlayStation Mobile Inc.
2022-01-11 Ghostwire: Tokyo Tango Gameworks Bethesda Softworks
2022-02-14 Goat Simulator 2 Coffee Stain North Coffee Stain Studios
1452500 2021-11-01 Good Life White Owls Inc. Playism
2022-11-17 Gothic Remake THQ Nordic Barcelona THQ Nordic GmbH
2021-11-01 Grand Theft Auto 3 - Remastered Rockstar Studios Rockstar Games
2021-11-01 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Remastered Rockstar Studios Rockstar Games
2021-11-01 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Remastered Rockstar Studios Rockstar Games
2022-08-09 Grimmstar Astronaughty Games Astronaughty Games
2021-11-16 Grow: Song of the Evertree Prideful Sloth 505 Games
2022-01-01 Gundam Evolution BANDAI NAMCO Online Inc. BANDAI NAMCO Online Inc.
2022-06-01 Gunslinger Stratos World Square Enix Co. Ltd. Square Enix Co. Ltd.
2022-05-03 HELLDIVERS 2 Arrowhead Games PlayStation Mobile Inc.
2023-03-15 Hammer Relic Entertainment Inc. SEGA Europe Ltd.
2022-08-02 Hangar 13 unannounced 2K Hangar 13
1282410 2022-03-01 Hard West 2 Ice Code Games Good Shepherd Entertainment
2022-02-01 Harold Halibut - A Handmade Adventure Game Slow Bros. UG Slow Bros. UG
2022-03-08 Harry Potter Universe Avalanche Salt Lake Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
1241390 2021-10-31 Haunted Space Italian Games Factory Merge Games
1094920 2022-02-15 Hazel Sky Coffee Addict Studios Another Indie
2022-05-02 Heavy Duty Challenge Nano Games Nano Games
889910 2022-01-20 Hell Pie Sluggerfly Headup Games GmbH & Co KG
1321680 2021-12-07 Hello Neighbor 2 Dynamic Pixels tinyBuild
2022-01-03 Hibiki Tango Gameworks Bethesda Softworks
1030300 2022-02-01 Hollow Knight: Silksong Team Cherry Team Cherry
2022-09-30 Horizon Forbidden West Guerrilla PlayStation Mobile Inc.
1389840 2022-01-27 Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator Ringzero Game Studio Nacon
2022-03-31 Human: Fall Flat 2 No Brakes Games Curve Digital
2022-09-23 Hyenas Creative Assembly SEGA Europe Ltd.
2022-09-01 Hytale Hypixel Studios Riot Games Inc.
1186430 2022-02-10 I.G.I. Origins Antimatter Games Toadman Interactive
1113120 2022-02-10 IXION Bulwark Studios Kasedo Games
2021-12-01 Indus (codename) Oxide Microsoft Game Studios
2023-01-03 Injustice 3: Gods Will Fall NetherRealm Studios Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
1556790 2022-01-20 Isonzo Blackmill Games M2H
1244460 2021-11-09 Jurassic World Evolution 2 Frontier Developments Frontier Developments
2022-12-31 Justice (Single Player Version) NetEase Games NetEase Games
1228610 2022-02-14 Karlson Dani Dani
1184140 2021-11-25 Kart Rider 2 Nexon Nexon
954850 2021-12-01 Kerbal Space Program 2 Uber Entertainment Private Division
2023-01-04 Kestrel Zenimax Online Studios Bethesda Softworks
2023-09-30 Kingdom Hearts IV Square Enix Co. Ltd. Square Enix Co. Ltd.
736820 2021-10-21 Knights of Honor II - Sovereign Black Sea Games THQ Nordic GmbH
2021-12-07 L.E.A.P. Blue Isle Studios Blue Isle Studios
920210 2022-04-05 LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
2022-03-28 Legends of the Abyss Trojke Studio N/A
1335830 2021-11-05 Len's Island Flow Studio Flow Studio
1547890 2021-10-28 Let's Build a Zoo Springloaded No More Robots
1265920 2022-02-25 Life is Strange Remastered Deck Nine Square Enix
1265930 2022-02-25 Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered Deck Nine Square Enix
1677110 2022-08-23 Lightyear Frontier Frame Break Amplifier Game Invest AB
2021-11-25 Lineage W NCsoft Corp. NCsoft Corp.
2022-03-03 Livewire Electronic Arts Canada Electronic Arts Inc.
1650810 2022-01-31 Loopmancer Yonghang Tech Beijing Tencent
2022-06-01 Lords of the Fallen 2 CI Games CI Games
599610 2021-11-02 Lost Words: Beyond the Page Sketchbook Games Modus Games
2023-06-06 Luminary Refractive Entertainment Refractive Entertainment
791240 2021-10-12 Lumote Luminawesome Games Wired Productions
874450 2021-11-18 Lunacy: Saint Rhodes Lazarus Studio Iceberg Interactive
1586700 2021-11-16 MARSUPILAMI - HOOBADVENTURE Ocellus Studio Microids
1539620 2022-01-13 MONARK FURYU Corporation NIS America
2021-11-19 MXGP 2021 - The Official Motocross Videogame Milestone S.r.l. Milestone S.r.l.
1363080 2022-04-04 Manor Lords Slavic Magic Slavic Magic
515960 2021-11-18 Martha is Dead LKA Wired Productions
1088850 2021-10-26 Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Eidos Montreal Square Enix
368260 2022-03-30 Marvel's Midnight Suns Firaxis Games Inc. 2K
2022-09-30 MechWitch League of Geeks Private Division
2022-11-01 Mega Man Match CAPCOM Co. Ltd CAPCOM Co. Ltd
2022-02-01 Merkava Avalanche Winter Crown Works Winter Crown Works
2022-05-26 Metal: Hellsinger The Outsiders Funcom Oslo A/S
2021-11-09 Metaphora: The Moonycat Quest Moonycat Entertainment
2023-02-17 Metro Next 4A Games Ltd Deep Silver
2022-10-01 Miasma Bearded Ladies 505 Games
915810 2021-10-28 Midnight Ghost Hunt Vaulted Sky Games Coffee Stain Studios
1261920 2022-12-23 MonkeyBattle Monkeycraft Co.Ltd. Monkeycraft Co.Ltd.
2023-07-01 Monster Hunter 6 CAPCOM Co. Ltd CAPCOM Co. Ltd
2022-01-01 Monster Hunter Rise CAPCOM Co. Ltd CAPCOM Co. Ltd
2023-02-08 Morrison BioWare Corp. Electronic Arts Inc.
2023-04-03 Mortal Kombat XII NetherRealm Studios Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
1170950 2021-10-26 Mortal Online 2 Star Vault Star Vault
2022-04-11 Mutant Chronicles Funcom Oslo A/S Funcom Oslo A/S
1084600 2021-10-31 My Time At Sandrock Pathea Games Pathea Games
1371580 2021-10-30 Myth of Empires Seven Senses Games Seven Senses Games
811550 2021-11-01 MythBusters: The Game Movie Games S.A. Movie Games S.A.
2021-11-11 N25 FrameOver Merge Games
2021-10-28 NASCAR 21: Ignition Motorsport games Motorsport games
2022-04-02 NS3492 Kite Games Activision
1139910 2022-03-01 NYX The Awakening Black Sail Games All in! Games
666240 2022-05-03 Nascence - Anna's Songs Dreampainters Software Dreampainters Software
2022-03-29 Negative Atmosphere Sunscorched Studios Ltd Sunscorched Studios Ltd
2022-03-01 New Gundam Online BANDAI NAMCO Online Inc. BANDAI NAMCO Online Inc.
2023-01-24 New World (code name) Dontnod Entertainment Dontnod Entertainment
2022-11-30 New Zhu Xian Online Beijing Perfect World Co. Ltd. Beijing Perfect World Co. Ltd.
2022-08-01 New strategy game Square Enix Co. Ltd. Square Enix Co. Ltd.
2022-03-01 New: The world End with You Square Enix Co. Ltd. Square Enix Co. Ltd.
1122160 2021-12-20 On Air RainStyle production RainStyle production
2022-01-11 Outcast 02 Appeal Studios THQ Nordic GmbH
2022-12-01 Overwatch 2 Activision Blizzard Activision Blizzard
2022-02-28 Overwatch 2 (Chinese Version) Activision Blizzard NetEase Games
1016360 2022-06-02 PERISH ITEM42 HandyGames
1202200 2021-12-01 Paleo Pines Italic Pig The Irregular Corporation
1623730 2022-03-31 Palworld Pocketpair Inc Pocketpair Inc
1379600 2021-11-25 Pandemic Train Trigger Labs PlayWay S.A.
2022-11-30 Path of Exile 2 Grinding Gear Games Grinding Gear Games
2023-03-14 Payday 3 Starbreeze Studios Koch Media GmbH
2024-01-01 Platinum (Indiana Jones) Machine Games Bethesda Softworks
2023-01-01 Pragmata CAPCOM Co. Ltd CAPCOM Co. Ltd
2024-06-01 Project 1v1 Gearbox Software Gearbox Software
2021-12-01 Project 8 (Code Name) 11 Bit Studios s.a. 11 Bit Studios s.a.
2022-01-25 Project Apex Gameloft Gameloft
2022-03-30 Project Ark NEXT Studios NEXT Studios
2022-12-01 Project Awakening Cygames Inc. Cygames Inc.
2022-10-19 Project Cortez Infinity Ward Activision Blizzard
2025-02-05 Project Dante Hidden Path Entertainment Wizards of the Coast
2022-08-01 Project Discovery Embark Studios En Masse Entertainment
2022-06-16 Project Eve Shift Up Shift Up
2022-03-01 Project GG PlatinumGames Inc. PlatinumGames Inc.
2022-09-30 Project H2 Ninja Theory Ninja Theory
2022-05-19 Project HP Nexon Nexon
2021-12-22 Project Hawthorne Wizards of the Coast Wizards of the Coast
2022-07-01 Project Holland Playground Games Microsoft Game Studios
2022-10-17 Project Jackto Systemic Reaction - Avalanche Studios Systemic Reaction - Avalanche Studios
2022-08-15 Project Laketrout Games Farm Funcom Oslo A/S
2022-11-10 Project Magnum Nat Games Nexon
2023-03-14 Project Mallard Funcom Inc. Funcom Oslo A/S
2022-09-30 Project Mara Ninja Theory Ninja Theory
2022-11-17 Project N1 Nyou Inc. Nyou Inc.
2023-12-14 Project N1 from Vespa Vespa Vespa
2023-12-31 Project Nova CCP Games CCP Games
2022-09-06 Project Oxygen Far From Home Far From Home
2022-09-02 Project PadThai Bohemia Interactive Bohemia Interactive
2022-02-01 Project Pugwash Ingame Studios 505 Games
2024-03-31 Project QD Next Quantic Dream Quantic Dream
2022-07-21 Project TL NCsoft Corp. NCsoft Corp.
2022-11-15 Project Typhoon Avalanche Studios Stockholm Microsoft Game Studios
2022-01-27 Project W Netmarble Corporation Netmarble Corporation
2023-02-28 Project Wind Rebellion Rebellion
2023-04-20 Project X1 Krafton Krafton
986220 2022-05-31 RAN: Lost Islands Jolly Roger Jolly Roger
2022-10-03 Ratchet & Clank Insomniac Games PlayStation Mobile Inc.
2023-06-01 Recode Occlusional Occlusional
2022-10-04 Recon New World Interactive New World Interactive
2022-06-20 Redfall Arkane Studios - Austin TX Bethesda Softworks
2022-03-31 Redout 2 34BigThings Saber Interactive USA
1109680 2021-11-01 Regiments Bird's Eye Games Microprose Software Inc.
2022-12-06 Relic Machine Games Bethesda Softworks
2023-11-20 Reset Theory Interactive Ltd. Theory Interactive Ltd.
2022-11-01 Resident Evil 4 Remake CAPCOM Co. Ltd CAPCOM Co. Ltd
2022-03-01 Resident Evil Outbreak CAPCOM Co. Ltd CAPCOM Co. Ltd
2022-04-30 Returnal Climax Studios PlayStation Mobile Inc.
1681430 2023-03-16 RoboCop: Rogue City Teyon Entertainment Nacon
1276790 2021-11-16 Ruined King: A League of Legends Story™ Airship Syndicate Riot Games Inc.
2022-04-28 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl GSC Game World GSC Game World
1643320 2022-04-28 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl GSC Game World GSC Game World
872670 2021-11-09 SCP: Pandemic Affray LLC Affray LLC
768200 2021-11-18 SMALLAND Merge Games Merge Games
2022-05-01 Sackboy: A Big Adventure Sumo Digital Ltd. PlayStation Mobile Inc.
900400 2021-11-04 Sacred Fire Poetic Studio Iceberg Interactive
2022-02-25 Saints Row Cinco Deep Silver Volition Deep Silver
1639080 2021-11-25 Sandwalkers Goblinz Studio Goblinz Studio
1158600 2022-10-09 Sayri The Beginning Vidloonnya Reborn Crytivo Games
645320 2021-10-28 Scarf Uprising Studios THQ Nordic GmbH
698670 2022-02-01 Scorn Ebb Software Ebb Software
1286220 2022-02-01 Sea Power : Naval Combat in the Missile Age Triassic Games Microprose Software Inc.
1148490 2022-02-17 Second Front Hexdraw Microprose Software Inc.
1036890 2021-12-01 Shadow Warrior 3 Flying Wild Hog Devolver Digital
2027-04-13 Shadow Warrior Adventures Flying Wild Hog Devolver Digital
2021-10-10 Shatterline Frag Lab Wargaming Group Limited
2022-02-01 Shin Megami Tensei V Atlus Co. Ltd. Atlus Co. Ltd.
2022-02-28 Sky Glider in the Mountains HBO IIX R&D HBO IIX R&D
1362000 2021-11-16 Skyclimbers Paratrope Paratrope
1657630 2022-06-01 Slime Rancher 2 Monomi Park Monomi Park
2022-02-28 Sniper Elite 5 Rebellion Rebellion
1592670 2022-02-28 Soda Crisis Bili Bili Bili Bili
2022-01-26 Soundbender VR First Iteration First Iteration
2022-09-07 Space Marine 2 Saber Interactive RU Focus Home Interactive
2021-11-18 Squadron 42 Cloud Imperium Games Cloud Imperium Games
2021-12-01 Star Citizen Cloud Imperium Games Cloud Imperium Games
2022-11-11 Starfield Bethesda Game Studios Bethesda Softworks
1202130 2021-10-14 Starship Troopers - Terran Command The Artistocrats Slitherine Ltd.
2022-03-31 Steelrising Spiders Nacon
1474770 2022-01-01 Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty Starni Games Starni Games
1621990 2022-06-13 Stray Blade Point Blank games 505 Games
2023-01-01 Street Fighter 6 CAPCOM Co. Ltd CAPCOM Co. Ltd
2022-09-12 Successor Playwood Project Playwood Project
1059110 2021-10-31 Super Buckyball Tournament Pathea Games Pathea Games
1316910 2021-10-05 Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio SEGA
2022-01-20 Super People Wonder People Wonder People
898750 2021-10-27 Super Robot Wars 30 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
1410640 2021-12-10 Syberia: The World Before Koalabs Studio Microids
2022-04-15 Syouwa American Story NEKCOM ENTERTAINMENT 2P Games
482400 2022-03-01 System Shock Night Dive Studios Night Dive Studios
2022-03-09 System Shock 3 Otherside Entertainment Tencent
553420 2021-11-02 TUNIC ISOMETRICORP Games Ltd. Finji
2022-03-01 Tactics Ogre Remaster Square Enix Co Ltd Square Enix Co Ltd
2022-02-01 Tankhead Alpha Channel Inc. Alpha Channel Inc.
1281220 2022-02-01 Task Force Admiral Drydock Dreams Games Microprose Software Inc.
1496590 2021-11-09 Tchia Awaceb Awaceb
1361510 2021-12-01 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Tribute Games DotEmu
2022-12-01 Tekken 8 BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
2023-12-13 Tera 2 Bluehole Studio Bluehole Studio
1557040 2021-10-05 Terraformers: First Steps on Mars Asteroid Lab Goblinz Studio
1249970 2022-09-22 Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Kylotonn Racing Games Nacon
2022-08-10 Testimony Highwire Games Victura Inc
2022-04-15 The Chant Brass Token Games Deep Silver
1372880 2022-09-04 The Day Before Fntastic MyTona
2024-01-02 The Elder Scrolls VI Bethesda Game Studios Bethesda Softworks
2022-02-01 The Gold River Project Fairview Games Fairview Games
2022-02-01 The House In The Hollow The House In The Hollow The House In The Hollow
612400 2022-08-15 The Last Night Odd Tales Ltd. Raw Fury Games
2022-11-25 The Last Oricru GoldKnights Deep Silver
1668510 2022-09-30 The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero Nihon Falcom Corporation NIS America
1668540 2023-06-30 The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie Nihon Falcom Corporation NIS America
1668520 2023-03-31 The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure Nihon Falcom Corporation NIS America
1668530 2023-09-30 The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails Nihon Falcom Corporation NIS America
1265780 2022-06-16 The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Daedalic Entertainment GmbH Nacon
2022-02-24 The Mighty Eighth Microprose Software Inc. Microprose Software Inc.
1304930 2022-03-31 The Outlast Trials Red Barrels - DELETE ME Red Barrels - DELETE ME
780310 2021-10-15 The Riftbreaker™ EXOR Studios EXOR Studios
2022-01-28 The Siege and the Sandfox Cardboard Sword Deep Silver
1502560 2021-10-26 The Smurfs - Mission Vileaf Osome Studio Microids
2022-05-03 The Soul Keeper Chronicles Helm Systems Helm Systems
2021-12-31 The Swordsmen X II Dream Game Studio Cube Game
2022-03-31 The Talos Principle 2 Croteam Devolver Digital
986040 2021-10-26 The Unliving Rocket Brush Studio Team17 Digital Limited
2022-01-11 Theaters of War Cloud Imperium Games Cloud Imperium Games
2022-06-08 Thick as Thieves Otherside Entertainment Otherside Entertainment
1343240 2021-12-07 Thymesia OverBorder Studio Team17 Digital Limited
2022-07-01 Tikitiki Racing (Project Name) Luminous Productions Luminous Productions
572540 2021-10-28 Tin Hearts Rogue Sun Wired Productions
2022-06-21 Titan Quest 2 (working title) Grimlore Games THQ Nordic GmbH
2022-05-27 Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary (2021) Crystal Dynamics Square Enix
2022-05-20 Total War 9 Creative Assembly SEGA Europe Ltd.
2021-11-26 Total War: Warhammer III Creative Assembly SEGA Europe Ltd.
1717510 2022-02-14 Trading Time Half Past Yellow Merge Games
24010 2021-12-01 Trainz Railroad Simulator 2021 N3V Games Pty Ltd N3V Games Pty Ltd
1164940 2022-07-12 Trepang2 Trepang Studios Team17 Digital Limited
1443630 2021-11-12 Turbo Sloths RainStyle production RainStyle production
1714850 2021-11-10 Twilight Wars: Declassified Comrade Bear Games Valkyrie Initiative
1097910 2021-11-02 TwilightStar: Heart of Eir DragonClaw Studios LLC DragonClaw Studios LLC
2022-03-25 Two Point Campus Two Point Studios SEGA Europe Ltd.
864930 2022-04-01 ULTRABUGS Vlambeer Vlambeer
2021-12-01 Unannounced Card Game 2 Square Enix Co Ltd Square Enix Co Ltd
2022-02-07 Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Naughty Dog PlayStation Mobile Inc.
2022-10-27 Untitled Respawn Game Respawn Entertainment Electronic Arts Inc.
2022-12-08 Untitled The Initiative Game The Initiative Microsoft Game Studios
2023-12-12 Untitled iNxile Game inXile entertainment Microsoft Game Studios
2022-03-08 Unturned 2 Smartly Dressed Games Smartly Dressed Games
710230 2021-12-01 Urban Strife White Pond Games Microprose Software Inc.
532790 2023-12-11 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Hardsuit Labs Paradox Interactive AB
2022-01-13 Vampire: The Masquerade Project Big Bad Wolf Nacon
2021-12-15 Vessels of Wrath WhiteMoon Dreams WhiteMoon Dreams
529340 2022-03-07 Victoria 3 Paradox Interactive AB Paradox Interactive AB
2021-10-12 Video Horror Squad Hellbent Games Hellbent Games
2021-10-22 Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars Square Enix Co. Ltd. Square Enix Co. Ltd.
1611910 2022-03-17 Warhammer 40000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters Complex Games Frontier Foundry
2022-03-18 Warhammer 40000: Darktide Fatshark AB Fatshark AB
1527950 2021-11-04 Wartales Shiro Games Shiro Games
2021-12-19 Wartide Worlds RedPad Games RedPad Games
1097350 2021-10-12 Weird West Wolf Eye Studios Devolver Digital
1158890 2021-12-16 White Shadows Monokel Headup Games GmbH & Co KG
1329880 2021-11-15 Wild West Dynasty Virtual Magic Games Toplitz Productions
1114290 2021-10-31 Windjammers 2 DotEmu DotEmu
2022-11-01 Witchbrook Chucklefish Chucklefish
2022-02-02 Witchfire The Astronauts The Astronauts
2023-03-06 Wreckfest sequel Bugbear Entertainment Ltd. THQ Nordic GmbH
2023-03-24 X20 NetEase Games NetEase Games
2022-11-08 Xenotheria Ganymede Games Ganymede Games
2023-01-04 ZOE - Engine Zenimax Online Studios Bethesda Softworks
2022-12-23 monkey_000 Monkeycraft Co.Ltd. Monkeycraft Co.Ltd.
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