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View How to change ssh keys of your digitalocean droplet once you have a new laptop and no access to the previous one.
1) Login to your Digitalocean dashboard
2) Launch the droplet console
3) Login to the droplet using root credentials. If you've forgotten your root password then reset it from the dashboard (an email will be sent to you with a temp password).
4) Once you are in then open `/etc/ssh/sshd_config` file and edit this entry `PasswordAuthentication no` to `PasswordAuthentication yes`.
5) Save changes.
6) Reload configuaration `service ssh reload`
7) Now you can login to your droplet from your machines terminal. `ssh root@droplet-ip`
8) copy your new ssh keys to into file `~/.ssh/authorized_keys`:
9) Clean up: change back to `PasswordAuthentication no`
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# Assuming following csv format
# time | Column_Name1 | Column_Name2
# --------------------------------------------
# 2017-02-31 12:00:00 | 1.05597 | 1.05557
# 2017-02-30 16:02:00 | 1.05560 | 1.05558
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View article_to_understand_python.txt
Understanding Python variables and Memory Management:
Adaptive Modular Exponentiation Methods v.s. Python’s Power Function:
def is_even(n):
"""uses bitwise operator to check if number is even or odd
n (int):
answer (bool): True if even, False otherwise
return n & 1 == 0